Mango Picking & Childhood Memories

This summer the unseasonal showers have reduced the mango yield of our backyard mango trees compared to last year. Last weekend we picked a few mangoes which have since ripened and devoured by way of shakes and smoothies and hope to try out some new salsa and salad recipes.:)

We had another mango picking session yesterday of Suvarnarekha mangoes, a few of which were pickled and rest were left to ripen.

Suvarnarekha mangoes

Next weekend ~ mango picking of Pedharasalu variety

My fondest childhood memory is when we siblings and cousins spent the summer vacations at my grandparents home at our village, playing with carefree abandon, climbing mango trees, dangling precariously on branches trying to pluck that elusive mango and throwing stones aiming at the high rise mangoes, all this when the elders were taking an afternoon nap.:) As I take a moment to recapture the summer joys of laughter and innocence, the smell of cattle fodder and mangoes ripening, sights of coconut trees and bullock carts, the distant tinkling sounds of oxen’s bells and weekly village fairs (santa), I can’t help but marvel at the simplicity of life. Wasn’t life so simple those days?

What are your fondest childhood summer vacation memories?

Mango Picking & Childhood Memories

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  mangoes


  • Srivalli

    Beautiful pictures…you are so lucky to have them in your backyard…and mine were exactly the same!…all those summer vacations spent doing the same things…wish I could give the same to my kids!..:)

  • Siri

    Wow Sailu. the mangoes look gorgeous. My best childhood memories are those spent with my ammama and tatayya’s house, climbing the jamun tree, gobling off all the goodies ammama used to make and the best ones were when at times my ammamma used to give me 50 paise or 25 paise and me getting small peppermints with them.. Wish I cud get back to those days again.

    Great post Sailu. took me back to my ammama’s house for sometime!


  • swati

    so true… we too used to do this on weekends .. we still have 4 mango trees at my pattis place…

  • venugopal guntupalli


    The way in which you present the recipes is more impressing to me. I think you are a still photographer in your last birth. I really appreciate the photos and feel like eating mangoes on opening my mail inbox. Great thanks for your mail.

  • Madhuram

    Gorgeous pictures Sailu. Lucky you for having so many mangoes around. I think you should send the first left most photo for this month’s Click competition. Nothing can be more natural than this.

  • arundati

    wonderful pics sailu….have a share of mangoes for me too!!

  • madhumalika

    gr8 pics sailu….waiting for wonderful mango recipes from ur side…do post the smoothies nd salsas….have a gr8 summer

  • indosungod

    Sailu mine was similar to yours, mango, tamarind trees, Coconut and Palm Trees Cauvery river and swimming in the wells. Pure Nostalgia.

  • revathi


    You know what you are doing to us right ? Pure pure torture. I completely correlate to the mango trees, hanging in those branches, running around the streets, collecting tar (yes tar used for laying roads) for sticking to sticks, pandi games, gooseberry, kamarkats – Hummmmmmmmmm ! Thats a bigggggg sigh !!!

  • Arundathi

    yup – i remember eating up my grandmother’s food and playing outside from sunrise to sunset! lovely mangoes!

  • Susan from Food Blogga

    Memories of mango picking sound so much more exotic than memories of apple picking. 🙂

  • malinee

    hi sailu garu,

    mee pictures chala bagunnayi, naku ayithe eppudu india vasthana eppudu mamidi pallu thintana ani vundi, and childhood days memories are the ones which we cannot forget in our life. ma vurilo arugu meeda kurchuni mamidi rasalu thenevallam, and also used to help in uragaya sometimes like wiping the raw mangoes. some beautiful memories are playing by the banks of godavari was something i cannot forget, the temple where we all used run and play and go for prasadam. even now when i last visited my grandma’s place i remember these, building temples with sand, and many more.

  • rachel

    I grew up in a hill station where there were abundant plum, peach, custardapple trees and so on….reading your post brought back memories of each of us cousins claiming a branch to be his or hers..those were the times…Vacations were nice then..My daughter misses out on those.growing up in the city…..

    Nice rendition!

  • Divya Vikram

    Wow..Delicious mangoes..We had a mango tree in our backyard at home in India..We used to have them daily n also distribute them to our friends..

  • Uma

    lovely photos. making me so nostalgic.

  • TBC

    My memories of summer vacation at our ancestral home in our native place too involves mangoes.:-) We used to get so many different kinds! I remember eating mango pieces that had been slathered with this coarse chutney-ish paste made up of shallots, red chillies, salt and coconut oil. It was oh so good! 🙂

  • DK

    Seeing the mangoes and the trees actually bought back my childhood memories when all of my cus, ( we were quite a number!) sitting in our grandparents backyard eating away those glorious looking and heavenly smelling mangoes..over and over again till we had no room for scrumptious dinner!

    Compared to the modern lifestyle, I sure do feel that in some ways life back then were so simple , relaxing..more so fulfilling 🙂

  • rekha

    hi sailu,
    wow mangoes look great, i dont have any words to express. now i am in my childhood dreams, any way childhood is childhood, malli radu kada! mangoes every year vastayi memu aatimelo india ravadam kastam, mee photoes choosi trupti padatamu.

    i am waiting for your recipes sailu. i can get srilankan raw mangoes. can i use them for mukkala pacchadi? can you tell me how i can make it please? thank u

    Hi Rekha, I haven’t tasted Sri Lankan mangoes, hence wouldn’t be able to answer your question. Any sweet-sour flavored mango will do. I will be blogging a mango pickle recipe soon and you can look forward to that.

  • sailu
    Srivalli, Siri, ISG, Revati, Arundathi, Malinee, Rachel, Divya, TBC and DK, its wonderful that you all brought forth priceless, precious childhood memories and shared them with us. I’m not sure if we will ever be able to re-create those magical summer days for our children but we could take them down memory lane.

    Thank you all for taking time to leave your comments.:)

  • Govind

    చిన్ననాటి జ్ఞాపకాలకి గిలిగింతలు పెట్టిన శైలు గారికి ….. థాంక్స్

  • Latha

    Oh Sailu! Beautiful post and i hear u on the simplicity of life. Gone are those days!I relived my memories of climbing up mango trees and picking raw mangoes to eat with salt and chilli powder from your post!

  • Sukanya

    This is a nice post….. Nice to see all those mangoes…. It was nice reading this post…

  • Miri

    I just recently wrote on my childhood memories of mangoes in summertime while posting a light summer salad recipe – we do get so nostalgic don’t we when we remember those carefree days! I havent heard of this name but the mangoes look delicious – I hope to eat my favourite Hapoos in MUmbai this year!


  • Leel Randei

    Nice Photoes. How colourful these Mangoes are. We had a Mango Festival in Sri Lanka last season. For anyone interested I like to share about Sri Lankan Mangoes.

    Best, Leel Randeni

  • Madhuri

    Dear Sailu…not sure where you are from …but your memories remind me of the exact childhood times I spent in my ammamma’s village (near srikakulam) … nostalgic!!! Mango trees & festive mango recipes, and santa every week, hay heaps & bullocks … aaah!!! miss them a lot!!!

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