Kulfi falooda recipe

Kulfi falooda recipe, Indian street food style dessert

kulfi falooda
kulfi falooda

Kulfi falooda recipe is one of the easiest Indian desserts you can make at home. There are many variations of kulfi falooda that I have eaten off the streets during my travels. Basically kulfi or no churn, eggless, Indian ice cream made with full fat milk is placed on a bed of sweet basil seeds and falooda noodles, drizzled with rose syrup and/or khus syrup and garnished with nuts and dry fruits. A delicious North Indian summer dessert that is hard to resist especially on a hot sultry day.

I have already blogged the recipe of kulfi and falooda sev recipe. Do refer to these summer desserts while making falooda kulfi recipe. Many street hawkers make a killing selling popular summer desserts like kulfi, falooda, and kulfi falooda during the summer season. Absolutely refreshing, cooling and outright delicious. Kulfi is a frozen dessert like ice cream while falooda is a drink which has rose milk, sabja and falooda sev as its main ingredients. Kulfi falooda is not a drink but a rich and creamy frozen dessert accompanied with chewy falooda noodles which have been flavored with rose syrup.

If you are lazy to make kulfi or falooda sev at home, you can buy store bought kulfi and falooda sev and fix this dessert in minutes. You can add fresh cut fruits, rabri or jelly to add some texture to the dessert. Your kids are going to love it and you too. And we are not going to talk about the calories while relishing kulfi falooda. 🙂

kulfi falooda recipe
kulfi falooda with rose syrup and jelly

how to make kulfi falooda recipe at home

Kulfi falooda recipe

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  milk
  •   falooda noodles


  •   Kulfi - 2 (please follow the link provided above on how to make kulfi recipe)
  •   Falooda sev - 3/4 cup (please follow the link provided above on how to make falooda sev)
  •   Sabja - 1/2 tsp, soaked in 1/3 cup water for 30 mts
  •   Rose syrup - 5-6 tbsps
  •   Pistachio - 6-8, chopped (cashew nuts or almonds can be used)

Method for making Kulfi falooda recipe

In a serving bowl or plate, add a heaped tbsp of bloomed sabja seeds, followed by one fourth cup of falooda sev or noodles. Drizzle a tbsp of rose syrup.
Unmold the kulfi from the mold and place over the falooda noodles. You can slice the kulfi into two to three pieces. Top it with a tbsp or two of falooda noodles.
Drizzle some rose syrup or khus syrup or any syrup of your choice. Garnish with nuts and serve.


  •   If you do not have falooda sev on hand or cannot make at home, you can replace it with cooked vermicelli that has been placed in cold water for a few minutes.
  •   You can use store bought kulfi instead of homemade kulfi.
  •   You can add more toppings like jelly, rabri or fresh cut fruits.


Kulfi falooda, a tasty Indian dessert that brings together recipe of falooda & kulfi recipe which I have shared on the blog.How to make kulfi falooda recipe
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    Quinoa Roti

    Ingredients: (Makes 4 Chapathis)

    1 cup whole Wheat Flour

    ½ cup Queens Quinoa’s 100 %Quinoa flour




    Take wheat flour + quinoa flour together in a wide bowl. Add salt as required.

    Make a small well at the center and pour little amount of water and mix well with hands.

    Knead well and pour some more water as needed until the contents
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    Keep this dough covered for at least 5 mins minutes.

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