Kheema Sandwich

You can hardly call this a recipe since it more of a brunch or lunch idea that I often resort to especially during summers since its simple, quick and easy. Sometimes I use left overs of vegetable stir fries (especially okra or eggplant) as sandwich fillings and today, I wanted to finish the left over mutton kheema and what best way than make a sandwich with minimum preparation work. Absolutely impressive in taste, this simple comfort food certainly made my day.:) Its quite filling and best suited for brunch or lunch. Try it and you will be receiving accolades from those who have a bite of this kheema sandwich.

Mutton Kheema Sandwich

For Mutton Kheema:

Heat one and half tbsps of oil in a pressure cooker. Add half a cup of chopped onions and saute till transparent. Add a tsp of ginger garlic paste and saute further for another 3 mts. Add 1/4 kg washed kheema and cook for 7-8 mts on high heat, stir once in while. Add 1 tsp red chilli pwd, 1 tsp coriander pwd, 1/4 tsp garam masala pwd and salt to taste. Combine well. Add half a cup of water and pressure cook till the kheema is completely cooked and soft. This could take about 15-20 mts. Turn off heat. Kheema is supposed to be semi dry, and can be cooked further without lid till there is no water content.
To assemble the sandwich:
Toasted bread, slices of onion, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and kheema. Pretty simple affair, just layer toasted bread with slices of tomatoes, onions and cucumber, a generous amount of the kheema, layer of capsicum rings and finally top with toasted bread and your meal is ready. I used white bread though both brown and ragi bread work fine.

My entry to the Sandwich festival, a food event started by Anupama of Food-n-More.

Kheema Sandwich

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  minced meat


  • Asha

    Oh my! That looks gorgeous, my kids would love it. It’s almost like ‘Sloppy Joe’ we make here!:)
    Liked Poha dosa, will be trying that soon.

  • Anupama

    Dear Sailu,

    That’s one gorgeous sandwich. That Kheema peeping out of the sandwich looks soooo good. Thanks so much for this lovely entry. See you at the round-up.

  • Maheswari

    Wow. now that’s a perfect sandwich. I made a pepper chicken sandwich which my son loves. I bet he would love this.

  • Sujatha

    This looks very appetizing! Great idea for a sandwich!

  • Cham

    wow, i love the indian style keema in sandw, as Asha said looks like Sloppy Joe … The sand is very tempting

  • ranji

    yummy sandwich!!!i dont eat mutton but that wont stop me from eating this. will definitely try this with minced chicken…great entry!!

  • Jahnavi

    Thats a great recipe, Sailu….i shall cook it this weekend….sure my husband will love it:))

  • sunny

    Oh that looks so good!Yum!

  • R.Punitha

    Hai Sailu, i’m punitha. Doing a good job…… Please keep it up…..

  • swati raman

    great idea.. i make it in a similar fashion… was planning to post that and a veggie version soon…

  • JZ @ Tasty treats

    great sandwich sailu, saw the pic of ur sandwich in the roundup and just cudnt help myself from checking it out and commenting!!! great job!

  • MR

    very good recipe!!
    I have left over kheema,
    what a brillant way to put all together!!

  • shaikhmohammed

    oh, great idea! but instead of going for bread, we can make franky, even for a change.

  • Gauri

    this tastes awesome, I have tried it with the keema that ma prepares.. on the same lines, can try the same trick with rajma also. A generous dash of ketchup works well on the rajma sandwich..

  • nithabalaji

    Thats a very simple yet very delicious food sailu,it will be great with the addition of lettuce as well

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