Basic White Bread

There is joy in bread making. I’m a beginner in bread making and its only recently that I have discovered the wonderful joys of baking fresh bread at home. My friendly neighborhood baker has been kind enough to teach me the nuances of baking bread as well as providing me with fresh yeast on demand. How lucky am I?!-:) There’s nothing to beat the wonderful aroma of baking bread and savoring the taste of fresh, warm bread with a generous amount of homemade butter.

Bread making is not as difficult as I imagined it to be. It does take practice, good yeast and a lot of kneading to achieve a reasonably good loaf of bread. I’m satisfied at the outcome of my second attempt at bread making but definitely need to improve and work on my bread making skills to produce that perfectly risen loaf with a perfect crumb and crust.

Preparation time: 20 mts
Rising of dough: 1 1/2 – 2 hrs
Baking: 1/2 hr

Ingredients for White Bread Recipe:

1 kg all-purpose flour
2 tbsps (20 gms) fresh yeast
1 1/2 tbsps granulated sugar
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 cup lukewarm milk (as warm as a baby’s milk bottle)
1 3/4 – 2 cups lukewarm water (approx)
water for brushing
melted butter for greasing and brushing

Place the all-purpose flour and salt on a flat work surface and combine. Make a well in the center. Add luke warm milk, sugar and fresh yeast and leave it for a few minutes for the yeast to prove. Use your fingers to bring the dough together. From the inside of the well, slowly bring in the flour to combine with the wet ingredients. Add the olive oil and continue to bring in the dry flour till you reach the outer edge of the flour well adding lukewarm water as required.

Knead the dough using the heel of your hand to push the dough away from you and lift it and fold over towards you. Turn the dough into a quarter turn and repeat. Continue to knead this way. This is very therapeutic and believe me you will begin to feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Knead for 10 minutes or until smooth and springy.

Shape the dough into a ball. Grease a large bowl with the melted butter. Place the dough in the bowl and turn it over so that it coats the dough surface as well (will help the dough from drying as it sits). Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in a warm area of your kitchen to allow the dough to rise to double its size. It should take about 45 mts to 1 hr 15mts for the dough to rise. The dough took over an hour to rise. You know the dough is ready when it leaves a finger imprint when lightly pressed.

Now punch down in the centre of the risen dough with your fist. This “punching” down the dough, releases excess carbon dioxide produced by the yeast during the rising process and we don’t end up with a yeasty flavored bread. Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead again for 2-3 minutes or until smooth and elastic and returns to its original size. Let it rest to rise again until almost double for about another 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375ร‚ยฐF. Grease a loaf pan and keep aside. Use a knife to cut a quarter part of the dough and shape each into a smooth round. Shape the dough into an rectangular shaped long roll and place in the greased loaf pan. Brush lightly with the melted butter. Place the loaf pan in a warm place for 30 mts or until the dough has risen slightly above the top of the pan. Gently brush the loaf with a little water or egg white and bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes or until it reaches a golden color and cooked. When you tap the base of the pan it should sound hollow (it means the bread is done).

Immediately turn the loaf onto a wire rack and cool. Once cool, store the loaf at room temperature. This bread is best eaten on the day it is made. However, it tastes equally good after 1-2 days of baking.


Yeast ferments and grows when combined with flour, sugar and warm milk. Carbon dioxide is produced and trapped in the dough as tiny air bubbles which make the bread rise during cooking and gives its texture. Salt adds flavor. Kneading distributes the yeast evenly through the dough, develops and strengthens the gluten in the flour.

Basic White Bread

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  flour


There is joy in bread making and it is not as difficult as I imagined it to be. It does take practice, good yeast and a lot of kneading to achieve a reasonably good loaf of bread. I'm satisfied at the outcome of my second attempt at bread making.
  • Asha

    Perfect bread! Great result for a first bread Sailaja. Even Siri baked her own basic bread today! I am happy that you got to learn the tricks from a pro, now variations are endless! Enjoy! :))

  • Rosa

    Your bread looks great! I could eat some of it now!



  • notyet100

    woow,..looks so nice,.homemde fresh baked bread

  • Sneha

    Oh I love the way the loaf looks! Can almost smell it here. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have tried a couple of times, when the oven was new and I had the enthu. But the bread turned out to be like a solid brick!! But with your reliable tips, I will surely give it another shot.

    Thanks for posting this. Do you happen to know how to make perfect jalebis (the dahi version, not the yeast one)? Please consider posting that someday.

  • Meera

    That bread looks so comforting. I am a novice breadmaker myself who uses breadmaker machine!!;-) but now I am tempted to use my own hands for kneading. Awesome job.

  • Rachel

    That is what I call a perfect-looking bread..the crumb, crust et al.

  • Latha

    looks great Sailu! Soft and delicious i bet!

  • Alka

    wow…That wud be the first thing i wud like to try when i get a good oven;-)
    Urs came out too perfect…

  • Bharti

    Lovely! The texture looks great.
    The best thing is the wonderful aroma of fresh bread. The whole house smells yummy!

  • Cham

    Lovely airy texture, perfect looking bread. Looks like a pound cake those slices…..

  • Simran

    Beautiful bread! I am new to baking too and have been baking rolls and stuff. But still to bake my first bread. Question : how do you get such perfect slices?

  • Suganya

    I have a question, Sailu. What about the quarter part of the dough cut before the last rise? Is it baked separately as a roll? Thanks.

    The quarter part of dough cut before the last rise was shaped into a rectangular roll and placed in a greased bread loaf to bake. I used the other 3 quarters to prepare ‘garlic bread’, ‘buns’ and ‘dinner rolls’.

  • sirisha

    Hi Sailaja,
    wow bread looks awesome, will it be difficult to knead dough from scratch? As you got this recipe from a bakery chef, can you get few pastry recipes too, I love pastries and miss those so much, we could not find the same taste here in US. We will be so much thankful to you if you try and post those pastries recipes. I am looking for pineapple pastry and black forest. Thanks a lot for the bread recipe.

  • shruti

    pls… as sirisha mentioned plsss… try to post some recipes of pastries, we miss miss miss ……them a lot…….
    we miss INDIA….

  • Bhagi

    Hi Sailu
    the bread looks really good … would be awesome with some warm butter

  • Divya Vikram

    Doesnt look like a bread baked just for the second time..U did it like a pro..

  • TBC

    That’s the perect loaf of bread! This is something I

  • TBC

    That got submitted before I was even ready.:-(

    I was saying that I’ve never tried baking bread before. Looking at your results it’s hard to believe that you’re a beginner!

  • kanchana gopinath

    Hai sailuji can u make chicken briyani for us? Please accept my request.
    Thank u

  • Suganya

    So for one loaf, I should 1/4 the recipe. Got it. Thanks, Sailu. If you could sometime post the baking time for dinner rolls, garlic buns it would be great too.

  • arundathi

    Sailu – that looks amazingly like a pro. i just baked my first bread too – couple days ago – and it was magical! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shibani

    Wonderful Sailu,I have never used fresh yeast but I heard that the result are much better than instant ones.I will try ur version using fresh yeast.The bread looks so pro and amazing picture too.

  • Gauri

    the accompanying pics are so good, seem that the bread-baking project is worth a try. thanks for the very detailed description, should be very helpful..

  • Miri

    Lovely perfect loaf of bread Sailu! I have also been sucked into the beautiful world of baking bread after just one try


  • Paz

    Congratulations on such a delicious looking bread. Very nice!


  • kalva

    Wow you are so lucky Sailu… Bread looks great just in your second attempt.. You have become an official baker now!!!

  • Roma

    This loaf of bread looks too good to be true. I have bookmarked your recipe.

  • shri

    Nice and tasty bread!!Good info abt yeast.Got to try once.

  • Jeff

    Should try to make a nice cinnamon bread outta that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Veda

    excellent looking bread sailu… daughter is shouting beeeed and jaaaaam mummy after seeing your picture…!!!!:-)

  • Yamini

    Be it for breakfast or a tea snack, bread rules…I’ve always wanted to bake a bread…Yours looks delicious..But am scared if I can make it,,,Anyway I’ll give it a try,,,Since you have a pro to help, plz do post some snack items like puffs if you can ,, Thanx in advance,,,Won’ful photos again..!

  • nags

    omg! that looks prettier and more perfect than a store bought one. great going with the yeast ๐Ÿ™‚

  • chitra

    Looks really great!! Can you please tell me how to bake it with a microwave? I have a microwave with convection / grill options. Thanks in advance!!!

  • vasundhara

    The bread looks lovely and the entire process seems exciting. What is all-purpose flour in terms of what we get locally- wheat atta, maida or what? Where do you get fresh yeast? I am in Hyderabad.

    The flour used is maida. You can get fresh yeast from the wholesale bakery supply store or in any good dept store.

  • Kalai

    Beautiful and perfect bread, Sailu! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kamalika

    bread looks really great.can I make it in microwave oven?

  • priya

    Hi Sailu,
    very impressed with ur recipe, can you let me know which yeast you used.

    I used fresh yeast.

  • sirisha

    your bread looks awesome. I want to know what is the oven u used for baking. I returned from USA few days back and seriously searching for a good oven but could not find one. Can u please suggest some brands for me to compare and buy one. Your help in this matter is really appreciable.
    Thanks in advance.

    I use an OTG (Murphy Richards), Sirisha.

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  • Specs

    EXCELLENT bread! Although I’m not very clear what is the difference between fresh yeast and dried one. Is there an Indian name for this? I live in Pakistan and I’m sure my baker would know it if i asked for it by its local name.

    Thanks and keep writing. I use your site as my bible for practical no-fail recipes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You can learn more about the difference among different types of yeast here. It goes by the name fresh yeast.:)

  • Archana

    yr bread making recipes are quite tempting to make, but I can’t get fresh yeast.Will it come out as good with dry or instant yeast.
    Thanks & reply

    It should come out good with dry or instant yeast as well.

  • Sheilu


    Tempting bread!!!!Though i just finished lunch, i’m hungry again.

    just one question, sailu,when u say oven, does this also work in a microwave where i can bake in convectional mode.?


  • Shrutika

    This bread is more healthoer than the bread that which we buy from the market. We can also make brown bread.

  • rozi

    your recepie for making bread is too good , but idid not get fresh yeast any where i have only instant yeast so please reply me soon as possible what to do.

  • Haley

    Your bread looks perfect! Great job! I love the photos as well!

    We’d like to invite you to participate in our September apple and peach recipe contest (the recipe can be sweet or savory). All competitors will be eligible to win one of three prizes :)! Please email me,, if you’re interested. Feel free to check out our blog for more details:

    Thanks :),
    KI Blogger

  • Medhaa

    I just made this today and it came out very well, I used bread flour as I had some, will try with all purpose the next time.Thank you for the lovely recipe

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  • sarah

    Hi sailu ,

    Nice ones. can u pls help me with this. Really appreciate your reply.

    In the other section “Small breads – Buns, Pav, Bowknot & Twist Rolls ” you responded to one comment as “That should be 2 tsps of dry yeast and not 2 tbsps.” And here it is saying 2 tbsps. which one should i follow .

    Thanks in advance and keep posting. You are a great inspiration to beginners like us.

    It should be 2 tbsps of fresh yeast OR 2 tsps of dry yeast.

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  • Lakshmi Nippani, New Delhi

    The pictures are fabulous. I hve come to know about ur blog only y’day’s Times Of India, Delhi edition.
    I hv 2 queries:-
    1) Does all purpose flour mean ‘Maida’ &
    2) If fresh yeast is nt available, cn v go 4 dried yeast & if so, how much of dried yeast qty to go 4 ur above referred ‘Basic White Bread’

    Thank you.
    1) Yes, its maida.
    2) Yes, you can go for dried yeast. Use 2 tsps of dried yeast.

  • deepa

    hi sailu
    planning to make ur bread .picture is just mouth watering.
    just have a doubt.can u pls tell the quantity of maida in cups.
    here in US we use to cups.

    waiting for ur reply.
    thanks in advance.

  • pinky

    Hi sailu
    the bread came out very well ..but after sometime the outer became hard and the inner was soft as usual ..can u explain what went wrong??pls but i like the flavour from ur recipe

  • hina

    Hi, i want 2 know if instant yeast is used, then how much 2 use and why the bread turns 2 be hard from top & bottom & semi soft not very soft from inside.

  • Anu

    Hi Sailu………

    I have tried many of ur recipes and they r so good……can u pls give the measurements in cups……… in US we use cup measure…….

  • meena

    i want to try whole meal bread,can u post a receipe on it

  • Sandhya

    Hi Sailu,
    Before i try this recipe tomm i want to know whether ur ingredient measurement is to prep 1 loaf of bread?

    • Sailu

      It makes approx 4 loaves of bread.

  • meena

    hi, i tried u r zebra cake it was a hit in my house, it was finished that day itself. today giving a try for bread. keeping fingers crossed. can u post recipe on crossiant as it is my hubby’s fav.


  • Sunita

    How much of active dried yeast should I use for this recipe? Iam trying my hand at baking bread for the first time.I bought a bread tin for baking .it has a lid.Should I keep it closed while baking or not use the lid itself?

  • Sita

    Dear Sailu,
    I came across your blog when i was browsing regarding the difference between otg and convection oven. i was a bit confused as some were saying convection is good for baking but I was scared about the ill effects of microwave. after going through blog i came to know that you have an otg and are baking wonderfully in it.

    kindly let me know its size and features. we are vegetarians with four members. i want an oven to bake bread (two loaves at a time), pizzas, cookies, cakes, naan etc. Kindly help me decide the kind of oven i should go for. i saw that some of the ovens like bajaj 2800 tmc have convection feature. is this feature required for successful baking? kindly give your suggestions.

    • Sailu

      I use Morphy Richards 28 lts capacity. Convection feature is a must for successful baking. For a family for four, 18 lt capacity should do good. But if you have to bake large quantities, I’d suggest to go for above 18 lt capacity, like 28 lts. I do not use a MW. I do all my baking of cakes, pizza, naan in the OTG and they come out good.

      • Sita

        Dear Sailu,
        Thanks for the reply.I went through the site and found that only the bigger models 35l and above are having convection function as well as motorised rotisserie.which is lacking in the smaller ones. kindly help me for taking a decision. Does your otg have a fan . how many loaves are you able to bake at a time? Kindly reply.

  • Mrs.Ashfaq

    I’m frequent visitor of your site.has tried many recipes which turned out good.i tried ur bread recipe too ..I had a problem with it ,the upper layer of bread is too thick nli’l bit hard too.
    Plz Help me in this..
    Thank you ..keep rocking.

  • Sita

    Dear Sailu,
    I am really amazed to see such perfect breadsmade at home in an otg.They look so soft and golden brown.I really want to try them all. i have recently got an electric oven 28l 2000w,from singapore gifted by my mother.It has a crumb tray and two grill racks.there are 3 function modes -heating,grilling baking.i tried to bake a flat bread in the baking mode with both cils heated. but the result was a harder bread which also got stuck to the tray. awhat could have gone wrong?.
    1.Should I bake bread with only the bottom coil heated on
    2.should i line the tray with an aluminium foil while baking
    3.what kind of bakeware i need to purchase and which material -aluminiumor or non stick.Where i can get these in chennai
    I would be very glad if you would clear my doubts. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  • bindu molleti


    • Anonymous

      Place in the middle rack.

    • Anonymous

      Place in the middle rack.

  • Anithavinukumar

    Hi Sailu,

    I too use morphy richards OTG. i have tried few of ur recipes and they have come out real well. one small doubt. How did u store the rest of the dough ? did you refrigerate them?

    Pls help!


  • Anithavinukumar

    Hi Sailu,

    I too use morphy richards OTG. i have tried few of ur recipes and they have come out real well. one small doubt. How did u store the rest of the dough ? did you refrigerate them?

    Pls help!


    • Anonymous

      Yes, you can refrigerate the rest of the dough.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you can refrigerate the rest of the dough.

  • Anaisha A

    Hi Sailu,

    today i tried this recipe but reduced the quantity into half as i was trying for the first time..taste is good,upper crust is crip..the only thing is it’s little dense & there are only few holes.

  • Smu

    Hello Sailu,
    I have active dry yeast at home. Can I use it instead of fresh yeast? How much to use it to substitute 2 tbsp fresh yeast? And is the process of adding it any different ? Thank you.

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Use a little less than 1 tbsp active dry yeast. Add a 4 tbsps warm milk and keep aside. The yeast will foam. Follow rest of the recipe.

      • Smu

        Thank you. Will try it and let you how it turns out.

  • Caroline

    Hi Sailu,
    i tired baking the bread and i followed your instruction in detail. But the crust was very hard and it dint come that well.. i am using the Microwave oven is that the reason why the crust was hard. the bread was tasty though. we put the baked bread in the fridge and then we could cut it easliy. please advise

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      I have never baked in an MW. I’d suggest an OTG or convection oven to bake bread.

  • SaiDeepthi

    hi Sailu,

    1)Can i replace maida with wheat flour in bread?
    2)I have oven with MW,Convention and Grill modes and their combinations within, which on should i use?
    3)I try to bake regular cake(from your tuttifruti recipie) in convention with 170degrees C always they crack from the center to edge.!!!! (though the taste is good).

    please advice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SaiDeepthi

      sorry i missed my temp for cake, its 35 to 40 mts approx.

      • SaiDeepthi

        helllo Sailu can u plz reply????!!

  • gayathri r

    hi sailu ,
    i have tried out many of your recipes . most of them turned out great :).. can u please tell me the size of the loaf tin you used for baking this bread? i was thinking of quartering your recipe and trying it out…. but i m not sure if 1 quarter of ur recipe could be made in my loaf tin which is 25cm…please help me out

  • Naashi

    Hi Sailu,

    Which brand of yeast do you use? I bought dry yeast and when i soaked it in warm milk, the smell was terrible ๐Ÿ™