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Why summer is sour

Print version of Why summer is sour


That place without a name
Green and dark, just by the busy highway
Where we zoomed past without a halt…

Baby mangoes loomed there in summer slumber,
You should have slowed down.
I wanted to steal them,
Eat them sprinkled with chilli and salt.

Yes, we can buy the fruit, I know.
But stolen raw mangoes have a taste of their own…

Sketch of mango tree by Gauri Gharpure
Poem and impromptu sketch by Gauri Gharpure

Gauri Gharpure is a talented writer, artist and budding poet who blogs at Life Rules. Gauri is a faithful reader of Sailu’s Kitchen and she’s kind to contribute a short poem and sketch on mangoes. Do visit her at Life Rules.

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By • May 17th, 2008 • Category: All Recipes, Guest Blogger

  • Uma

    Lovely poem and beautiful sketch. Just saw her lovely blog.

  • Srivalli

    beautiful sketch!

  • Cham

    The sketch & poem , both are beautiful.

  • Gauri

    thanks so much! the tree looks better here! ha ha

  • arundathi

    Enjoyed the site – thanks for the links!

  • Vineela

    Beautiful Poetry………..

  • Rupa

    hey sailu,

    There is a little something for you…please do drop by at my blog

  • sushma

    Lovely poem with a capturing sketch..

  • sara

    Very nice little poem..I am a regular reader and a fan of your recipes…

  • Mallika

    Lovely poem… and how true! Ha ha…