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mushroom fry recipe

Mushroom fry

Mushroom fry, a simple, quick, easy stir fry that goes with chapati, rotis and rice. How to make mushroom fry, a gem among mushroom recipes.

pahari aloo recipe

Pahari aloo recipe, aloo gutke

Pahari aloo recipe or aloo gutke, a potato stir fry or sukhi sabzi is a traditional food of Uttarakhand. Kumauni or garhwali aloo is a gem among aloo recipes

bharwa bhindi recipe

Bharwa bhindi recipe

Bharwa bhindi, ladies finger fry stuffed with besan, peanuts & Indian spices. A regional Indian okra recipe, bharwan bhindi is a gem among bhindi recipes.

how to make mushroom pepper fry

Mushroom Pepper Fry

mushroom pepper fry is a party appetizer or restaurant style stir fry. learn how to make mushroom pepper fry with capsicum, mushrooms and black peppercorns.

arisi paruppu sadam

Potato Fry

Simple potato fry, a South Indian style recipe that goes well with rice & rasam. Learn how to make easy potato recipes that are tasty side dishes with rice.

egg roast

Kerala Egg Roast

Egg roast with Appam is the best breakfast food combination among Kerala style recipes. Nadan egg roast is flavorful and one of the best Indian egg dishes.

carrot cake

Carrot Fry

Carrot fry, a gem among Vegetarian Indian recipes with minimal ingredients. A healthy carrot dish that is rich is vitamin A and calcium.

chicken ghee roast

Chicken Ghee Roast

There are quite a few chicken dishes among Mangalore recipes. But a culinary gem among them all is the Chicken Ghee Roast. Goes well with ghee rice.


Potato Roast

Potato Roast is a classic North Indian style stir fry recipe. One of my favorites among the quick simple recipes using Aloo.

recipe with bean andhra style

Beans Fry

Easy Indian vegetarian beans fry recipe that is quick and healthy. Green beans cooked in Andhra style that goes well with rice and sambar.

indian shrimp recipe royalla vepudu

Prawn Fry

One of the classic Andhra recipes with shrimp, Royalla Vepudu aka Prawn Fry that can be made in less than 20 minutes.. Andhra style prawn fry goes well with rice and sambar.


Aloo Baingan Sabzi

Aloo Baingan is an easy to make North Indian style vegetarian recipe using potatoes, brinjals and minimal spices. Its vegan too and makes for a delectable side with rotis


Aratikaya Vepudu ~ Raw Plantain Fry

Raw Plantains are a low glycemic source of carbohydrate and full of nutrition. Aratikaya as its called in our part of the world is a regular every day vegetable in South Indian vegetarian cuisine. The key is to use fresh and firm green plantains before they ripen to a yellow shade. Today’s stir fry recipe is perfect side dish with rice, sambar, papad and a bowl of yogurt.


Carrot Beans Vepudu (Stir fry)

Typical South Indian style vegetable stir fry, Carrot beans vepudu, is healthy, easy to make with perfect combination of flavors. Curry leaves, hing and fresh coconut are my top most ‘essential’ ingredients whenever I venture out to make this vegetable fry recipe.


Bhindi Sambhariya ~ Gujarati Style Stuffed Okra

One of the best vegetarian recipe I have had in a long time is a stuffed okra with its origins in Gujarat. Tarla Dalal’s recipe for a Gujarati stuffed bhindi is simply out of the world. Those who hate okra will definitely fall in love with it when they try Bhindi Sambhariya.


Aloo Patta Gobhi Sabzi ~ Potato Cabbage Stir Fry

Though I am not too fond of cabbage, I find myself enjoying a North Indian style cabbage dry saute that calls for the inclusion of potato. Its a fabulous combination and a drizzle of lemon juice gives it a flavor that is so satisfying. Its amazing how the simplest of recipes are the most flavorful.


Carrot Turumu Vepudu – Grated Carrot Stir fry

Simple, light and packed with flavor carrot stir fry. The earthy spices combine beautifully with the sweetness of carrots while the addition of fresh coriander brings freshness. Carrot in their ‘grated’ avatar work best for this vegan stir fry.


Dondakaya Pappula Podi ~ Ivy gourd With Spiced Chickpea Powder

Pappula podi is a versatile spiced powder that enhances the flavor profile of vegetarian dishes lending them a unique taste. Most vegetables on the likes of okra, eggplant, ivy gourd and bitter gourd taste remarkably good when seasoned with Pappula podi.


Quick Boiled Egg Fry

Quick boiled egg stir fry that is slightly similar to the simple egg roast I blogged a while ago. An amalgamation of North and South Indian style of culinary preparation. Aromatic curry leaves and spices, kasuri methi, fresh coriander leaves and caramelized onions give the quartered boiled eggs an addictive taste. Serve as an appetizer or a dry saute with rice or rotis.