rasam recipe

Rasam recipe

Rasam recipe, easy, simple, tasty soup made with tamarind. How to make rasam without dal,without rasam powder. Best authentic south indian rasam preparation

fruit chaat recipe

Fruit Chaat Recipe

Fruit chaat recipe made in Indian style with fresh fruits & chaat masala. Learn how to make fruit chaat or fresh fruit salad that’s a healthy summer snack.

Aloo Patta Gobhi Sabzi ~ Potato Cabbage Stir Fry

Though I am not too fond of cabbage, I find myself enjoying a North Indian style cabbage dry saute that calls for the inclusion of potato. Its a fabulous combination and a drizzle of lemon juice gives it a flavor that is so satisfying. Its amazing how the simplest of recipes are the most flavorful.

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Each time I cook mixed vegetable curry, I tend to tweak and experiment with spices. Today’s recipe is a result of one such experiment. Am quite satisfied with the end result and hence makes an appearance here. 🙂 A versatile dish that makes a decent side with rice, rotis as well as dosas.

Uppu Kudumulu & Undrallu

Isn’t it fun having close family and friends come together for a festive occasion? Women folk working in the kitchen preparing delicacies – mixing, stuffing, steaming, cooking and of course, gossiping. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the weekend celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

Rava Pulihora with Lemon

Fragrant one pot dish using broken rice aka rice rava. Punched up with a good dose of lemon, the crunch of the peanuts and dals are perfect against the soft rice rava! What I enjoy most about this recipe is the tempering with spices and curry leaves filling the home with a warming aroma. Comes together in a snap and flavor-wise is tremendously good!

Mysore Rasam

Mysore Rasam At least 4 days a week, our lunch is a typical South Indian meal. And an integral part of every such meal is ‘chaaru’, the Andhra version of Tamil Nadu’s ‘rasam’. The other day I made Mysore Rasam, a tamarind based Indian soup and served it along with bitter gourd stir fry and […]