mango mastani recipe

Mango mastani recipe

Mango mastani is a chilled thick milkshake made with mango puree, milk, ice cream & nuts popular among Marathi folks. How to make mango mastani Pune recipe

mango sandesh

Mango sandesh recipe

Mango sandesh recipe, a tasty, easy Indian sweet made with chenna, mango puree & sugar. How to make mango sandesh, a gem among bengali recipes.

mango rabri recipe

Mango rabri recipe

Mango rabri recipe, a rich, fruity Indian dessert made with milk, mango puree & sugar. How to make mango rabri or aam ki rabri, the best mango dessert recipe

mango pudding

Mango pudding recipe

Mango pudding, an eggless mango dessert recipe made with mango puree, agar agar or china grass, milk & sugar. How to make mango pudding, an easy & best dessert

mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi

Mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi, raw mango sesame seeds chutney

Mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi, an Andhra style raw mango chutney preparation with sesame seeds or til and makes a delicious side with steamed rice mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi Mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi is a classic, traditional Andhra chutney made with fresh grated raw mango and roasted sesame seeds. Raw mango in telugu is called mamidikaya, sesame seeds is […]

Mamidikaya Pappu ~ Mango Dal

Mamidikaya pappu aka Mango dal is Andhra’s treasured classic pappu kura (dal). The recipe featured is a family favorite and its as simple as it can possibly be. Mango and tuvar dal are a magical combination. They are lovely on their own, but together, they are a match made in heaven. The tang of the […]

Why summer is sour

Remember? That place without a name Green and dark, just by the busy highway Where we zoomed past without a halt… Baby mangoes loomed there in summer slumber, You should have slowed down. I wanted to steal them, Eat them sprinkled with chilli and salt. Yes, we can buy the fruit, I know. But stolen […]

Bellam Maagaya – Sweet Grated Mango Pickle

Wheat rava upma with teepi maagai My grandmother’s and mother’s kitchen shelves are lined with an array of cylindrical ceramic jars containing different varieties of mango pickles. Of course, the famed ‘Avakaya’ stands majestic occupying the largest jar (‘avakaya jaadi’) of the lot while the lesser known yet delectable pickles stored in the smaller elegant […]

Mango Picking & Childhood Memories

This summer the unseasonal showers have reduced the mango yield of our backyard mango trees compared to last year. Last weekend we picked a few mangoes which have since ripened and devoured by way of shakes and smoothies and hope to try out some new salsa and salad recipes.:) We had another mango picking session […]

Weekend trip to our farm

Over the weekend we visited our village, less than an hour’s drive from Vizag (45 kms). Here are a few pictures from our mango grove, fruits and vegetables grown in the backyard of our ancestral home, taken during this trip.

Mamidipandu Payasam (Low Fat Mango Dessert)

Come summer and the markets are flooded with an abundance of the glorious fruit,mango. I have been looking for new recipes using mangoes,away from the monotony and I found one dessert recipe,Aam Ki Kheer,which is new to me that I had tasted at my friend’s place recently. In the South we call kheer as payasam […]