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coorg food wedding spread

Indian Food Trail ~ Kodava Cuisine

Indian food trail travels to picturesque Coorg to savor the flavors of Kodava cuisine. Shalini shares an indepth article on traditional Coorg food customs.

appam vegetable stew

Appam Recipe

Appam recipe is made with rice and fresh coconut with or without yeast.Its popular among Kerala breakfast recipes that are healthy, simple and easy to make.

ragi idli recipe

Ragi Idli

Kickstart your day with a healthy Indian breakfast dish, Ragi Idli with Tomato pachadi. Learn how to make nutritional ragi flour recipes for breakfast

ragi rava dosa

Ragi Dosa

Learn how to make Ragi dosa, an easy, healthy breakfast dish. Ragi dosa is made with ragi flour and semolina and goes well with any chutney, podi or sambar.

puttu recipe


Kerala food at its best. Puttu is a rice flour based traditional breakfast recipe that is usually served with Kadala (black chickpeas) curry or banana.

carrot idli

Carrot Idli

Idli, among the South Indian veg dishes is versatile with many variations. One of the healthy breakfast recipes for tiffin, Carrot Idli, is a hit with kids.

masala omelette

Masala Omelette

One of the easy breakfast recipes in India is Masala Omelette. Learn how to make a recipe for an omelet using eggs and garam masala powder.


Idiyappam with Egg Curry

Idiyappam is a traditional dish for breakfast from cuisine of Kerala.Idiyappam recipe is prepared with Idiyappam maker and served with either Stew or Curry.

andhra style recipe

Perugu Garelu

Perugu Garelu, an Andhra style recipe, is prepared during festival times in our home. Learn how to make Perugu Garelu as part of your Diwali festival meal.

healthy oats breakfast recipe

Oats Masala

An easy Indian recipe with oats is Oats Masala. Try this healthy breakfast recipe prepared with oats, semolina, vegetables and flavored with garam masala.

oats adai recipe

Oats Adai

Oats Adai, a healthy Indian breakfast recipe goes well with any chutney. A protein rich oats recipe from India that also makes for a nice evening tiffin.

andhra style oats ponganalu

Oats Ponganalu

Oats Ponganalu, a low fat, protein rich Indian style savory oats dish. An oats breakfast recipe that goes well with any South Indian chutney or pickle.

oats bisibelabath

Oats Bisibelabath

How about a spicy, tangy Oats breakfast? Try Oats Bisibelabath, a healthy Indian recipe with oats, mixed vegetables, turl dal and a blend of Indian spices.

healthy indian breakfast dish

Lemon Oats

Lemon Oats, similar to Lemon rice, makes for a healthy Indian breakfast dish. A favorite Indian recipe with oats, lemon and spices goes well with yogurt.

cooking with oats indian style

Oats Vegetable Roti

Oats Roti (paratha) prepared with whole wheat flour, oats and spices. Try cooking with oats, a healthy Indian recipe that kids will enjoy with tomato sauce.

breakfast recipes with oats

Oats Spinach Pongal

Oats Pongal, a South Indian style healthy breakfast recipe with oats for your kids lunck box. Learn how to make a quick, tasty and nutritious oats recipe.

indian style oats recipe

Oats Uthappam Recipe

Learn how to make Oats Uthappam, Indian style recipe similar to a savory pancake. A healthy breakfast recipe with oats in it as well as vegetables for kids.

recipe for oats upma

Oats Upma

Oats Upma is one of the easiest and healthy Indian recipes using oats. How about an Andhra style oat upma recipe with vegetables that your kids will love?

healthy oats rava dosa recipe

Oats Dosa

How about a healthy Indian breakfast recipe using oats? Oats Dosa recipe – instant, easy, healthy and tasty, similar to rava dosa in texture and taste.

Oats rava idli recipe

Instant Oats Idli

Instant Oats Idli is a healthy Indian breakfast recipe with oats, rava, carrot, yogurt and spices. Nutritious and tasty recipe using oats.