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Indian Curry Recipes

mincemeat peas curry

Keema Matar

Among Indian non veg recipes, Keema Matar is a gem. Mincemeat green peas curry is a spiced North Indian style dish that goes well with pulao, rice or roti.

sweet corn curry

Sweet Corn Curry

Sweet corn curry goes well with roti & pulao. Indian vegetarian dishes at their best. Learn how to make sweet corn recipes that are easy to make and tasty.


Egg Slice Masala

South Indian food boasts of a variety of egg recipes to go with rice. Try Egg slice masala which makes a perfect side with flavored rice and rotis too.

mutton kheema

Anglo Indian Meatball Curry

Meatball curry, a mutton kheema recipe cooked in Indian spices, is classic Anglo Indian food served with coconut rice. Makes for a special weekend lunch!

kerala style egg curry

Kerala Style Egg Curry

Kerala Egg Curry, a subtly spiced sauce with coconut milk is one of the classic recipes of Kerala dishes. It goes well with Idiyappam, Appam, Puttu & Rotis

tomato korma recipe

Tomato Kurma

A classic South Indian breakfast side dish, Tomato Kurma, makes for a delectable combination with dosa and chapati/parotta.

beerakai tomato kura

Beerakaya Tomato Kura ~ Ridge gourd Tomato Curry

Beerakaya Tomato Kura, an Andhra style vegetarian curry that is simple and quick to make. Ridge gourd tomato curry goes well with rice and rotis.


Potato Korma

Judging by the ingredients, many of you will expect today’s Potato Korma to be tasty. Yes, I am confident about your positive reaction to this Korma. I did blog a recipe for Aloo Korma earlier but today’s recipe is a slight variation.


Simple Chicken Curry

This summer our meals are simple and light. Often our lunch comprises of wholesome and filling salad or one pot meals and loads of flavored buttermilk. Yesterday, I made a simple and delectable chicken curry for our mid day meal.


Konaseema Kodi Kura ~ Chicken Curry

An Andhra style chicken curry recipe given to me by a dear friend who belongs to the Konaseema region of Andhra. It is sure to tickle your taste buds

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