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Indian Soup Recipes

gujarati dal recipe

Gujarati Dal

Gujarati Dal recipe is easy to make, vegetarian & a gem among Gujarati dishes recipes. Out of various dal recipes I am very fond of Gujarati style tur dal.

sweet corn chicken soup

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Sweet corn chicken soup is a classic soup among Indo Chinese recipes. An easy soup recipe made with cream style corn and shredded chicken is very flavorful.


Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup is an easy Indian Chinese soup recipe prepared with cream style corn and mixed vegetables. An easy soup recipe that is flavorful.


Palak (Spinach) Soup

Last week was a rain filled week. On one such rainy day, I prepared spinach soup. I sat in the veranda relishing a bowl of vibrant green spinach soup, watching the rain and waiting for Nehal to come home from school.


Miriyala Charu – Andhra Pepper Flavored Rasam

Rasam or Charu is an essential part of a traditional Andhra bhojanam (meal). Comforting, earthy, warm with health supporting properties, pepper flavored charu is seasoned with ghee and asafoetida, garnished with fresh coriander. Works as a perfect antidote for a runny nose.


Pineapple Rasam

When I eat rice for lunch, rasam is a must and the meal is never complete without it. And more so during the monsoon as this piping hot comfort soup soothes the soul. There are numerous versions of this simple soup and one of my favorite is an exotic South Indian delicacy, Pineapple Rasam.


Chunky Tomato Soup

A vibrant, hearty, soothing, chunky tomato soup to brighten up the rainy season! The key to a delicious tomato soup is in roasting the tomatoes. Use herbs of your choice. My favorite herb is fresh coriander leaves and I like a chunky tomato soup.


Carrot Soup

There are numerous versions of carrot soup. I enjoy carrot soup when combined with thick coconut milk. This orange shaded warm pot of goodness is light, nourishing and comforting for a rain filled wet day.



My foray into rasam making wasn’t very impressive during the many trial and error sessions of my early kitchen days. I would try numerous versions to replicate a flavor that I tasted at my Tamilian friend’s home or at a restaurant in Coimbatore or elsewhere during my travels to Tamil Nadu. Each home has its […]


Nimmakaya Charu – Lemon Soup

Though this lemony soup lacks in looks, it more than makes up taste-wise. Light, subtle, earthy and flavorful with a whiff of asafoetida. Best to sip as a soup or over white rice.

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