matar ki kachori

Matar Kachori

Matar Kachori is an Indian street food, the best among Indian veg snacks recipes. Learn how to make recipe of matar ki kachori using green peas and spices.

Masala Idli

Any dish I prepare with left over idlis makes my stomach happy. Masala Idli is a favorite and takes me less than 15 minutes to prepare. Usually prepared as a breakfast fare with a good dose of lemon juice and fresh coriander as garnish. Lively, invigorating flavors!

Mamidikaya (Raw Mango) Semiya Upma

How about a savory breakfast with a tangy twist? Bursting with flavor and fragrant, our morning meal was delightful. With surplus raw mangoes at home, its been an overload of tangy goodness this past week. Mamidikaya (raw mango) Vermicelli Upma is quick and simple to prepare with few ingredients.

Sesame Honey Rice Balls

Yesterday, I prepared Vegetable Fried Rice and had some left over white rice and chopped mixed vegetables. Decided to use the left over rice and veggies to prepare an Indo Chinese appetizer. Very easy and quick to bring together and makes for a great evening snack when your kids come home hungry after play. Interesting combination of flavors and textures.

Vegetable Sevai

Vegetable Sevai makes for a light, filling and quick-fix breakfast meal. Prepared pretty much the way one would prepare vermicelli. Adding vegetables of your choice makes it substantial while tofu/paneer adds a dose of protein.

Chilli Cheese Toast

This had been lying in my drafts and wouldn’t have seen the light of day if a reader had not requested for Chilli Cheese Toast recipe. Not much of a recipe really. A quick breakfast/brunch or lunch box recipe that can be prepared in 10 minutes.

Vegetable Masala Toast

This morning I prepared Iyengar Bakery style ‘Vegetable Open Sandwich’ for breakfast. Makes for a colorful lunch box treat for kids. While packing Nehal’s snack box, I went the grilled sandwich way. You can serve it as an open or grilled sandwich.

Vermicelli (Semiya) Vegetable Biryani

When pressed for time, I tend to go the one pot meal way. Semiya Biryani is a delightful one pot light meal, fragrant with aromatic spices and loaded with vegetables. Use whole wheat vermicelli and you have some wholesome goodness on your dinner plate.

Vegetable Kati Roll

Many a night, our dinner comprises of either soup, salad, wrap or sandwich. Last night I made Kati rolls with vegetable filling. Works great as a lunch box treat, one that you kid will surely relish. Makes for a complete meal and super easy to bring together.

Cabbage Pakodi

Have you tried cabbage in the form a crispy pakoda? If you haven’t and are fond of cabbage then you should try today’s recipe. To many, cabbage may not be the prettiest or tastiest of vegetables but it more than makes up in flavor in the garb of a besan coated, golden crisp pakodi.

Idli Manchurian

Idli Manchurian What do you do with left over idlis? In my home, they take the form of Upma as a quick tiffin on a busy day, Fries as a tea time snack and Manchurian as a starter to serve friends on a rain filled day. This unusual yet unique fusion food that takes an […]

Spring Onion Pakoda

Spring onion Pakoda – A perfect monsoon snack! Its been pouring all day long and my palate has been craving for a deep-fried comforting snack. These pakodas have a soft texture as compared to the crispy ‘gatti pakodi’. Make for a wonderful savory tea time snack or appetizer.

Savory Maida Biscuits – Diamond Cuts

I have a lot of childhood memories associated with this savory snack. My Ammamma and Amma would prepare huge quantities of Maida Biscuits (the name they go by at home) and store them in large containers. Back from school, we would head straight to the pantry and grab a plateful of maida biscuits and savor them like there was no tomorrow. Maida chips, maida biscuits, diamond cuts, maida squares, khara biscuits, whatever the name, they were extremely popular among us kids and friends.

Vaamu Aaku Bajji ~ Ajwain Patta (Fresh Carom Leaves) ke Pakode

Vizag is experiencing pleasant weather conditions with light drizzles and cool breeze. Its hard to resist the temptation of savoring hot off the stove snacks with a cup of hot chai. Handful of ingredients and a simple recipe come together into an incredibly magical monsoon snack. The invigorating flavor and amazing aroma of fresh carom leaves in bajji avatar is hard to resist and you are sure to reach out for more than your fair share of bajjis.

Quick Bread Cutlets

With 4 slices of left over bread and boiled potatoes (prepared Aloo parathas yesterday), I prepared quick bread cutlets for our evening tea snack. Not much of a recipe really, used left overs that I combined with spices, chopped onions and fresh coriander leaves and shallow fried till golden crisp. Fun, fast, healthy and tasty alternate to deep fried snacks.