Jhat Phat Sabzi – Capsicum Paneer

A jhatpat sabzi with nutritious ingredients, capsicum and paneer. Appealing to the eye and the palate, this super quick, utterly simple stir fry is lightly spiced and makes a good side with phulkas or a filling for a wrap/roll.

Kakarakaya Vepudu ~ Bittergourd Fry (2)

High on the nutritive quotient, Karela, is a vegetable that is available all year round at our local farmer’s market and a regular at our home. Few takers for this knobbly, humble, bitter tasting vegetable. But the few who chose to go beyond the outward appearance and bitter flavor, were won for life once they savored its true taste, appreciating it health enhancing benefits.

Vankaya Vepudu ~ Brinjal Stir fry (3)

Vankaya Vepudu – Eggplant Stir fry A family favorite especially during festive meals. Eggplants aka Vankaya hold a special place in a typical Andhra meals especially on festive days or wedding feasts. For Ugadi our lunch spread would have been incomplete without this subtle sweet-flavored stir fry. Simple to prepare, the key to this recipe […]

Bangaladumpa Vepudu – Potato Stir Fry (1)

Who doesn’t love the simple potato roast, stir fried to a golden brown shade and seasoned with chilli powder? I can’t think of any person who wouldn’t enjoy this comfort food. I realized that I haven’t blogged a potato stir fry recipe so far and am wondering how on earth I missed blogging my favorite […]

Vankaya Vepudu – Brinjal Stir-Fry

Today I’m blogging yet another version of the classic brinjal stir fry, a slight variation from vankaya kothimira vepudu. In this recipe sliced brinjals have be shallow fried before combining them in a sauteed onion-spice base. Just ensure that the tender brinjals are not bitter and the resultant stir fry is satisfying on the palate […]