Bendakaya Vepudu ~ Okra Stir fry

The ever-abundant okra is a regular at our home. Armed with fresh tender okra from rythu bazaar (farmer’s market), I made this light, bright and healthy okra stir fry along with Pappu pulusu for our meal today. The addition of roasted peanuts enlivens the okra and lends a crunchy layer of flavor. Just do your […]

Bendakaya Pulusu – Okra in tamarind gravy

Pulusu aka stew is a typical Andhra preparation which is a tamarind based gravy dish that provides a tangy flavor to vegetables, lentils (pappu pulusu), meat (mamsam pulusu) or fish (chepala pulusu). Pulusu originates from the word ‘pulupu’, the tangy flavor of tamarind or lemon. In our parts of Andhra, jaggery or sugar also make […]