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Podi Recipes

udupi tomato rasam

Udupi Tomato Rasam

Udupi tomato rasam is my favorite rasam and a delight during the winter months. Tomato saaru recipe is a classic among authentic Udupi vegetarian recipes.

nalla karam recipe

Nalla Karam Podi

Nalla Karam Podi, a typical Andhra style preparation similar to gun powder.Tamarind, garlic, red chilis & urad dal are key players of this tasty tangy podi.


Milagai Podi

I’m a podi freak. I keep trying various podi recipes that have their origins in different regions of South India. One such podi that is aromatic with a unique flavor is Milagai Podi. The secret ingredient here is roasted sesame seeds. Sprinkle some of this magic spice powder over dosas or idlis along with a generous drizzle of gingelly oil or ghee.


Dondakaya Pappula Podi ~ Ivy gourd With Spiced Chickpea Powder

Pappula podi is a versatile spiced powder that enhances the flavor profile of vegetarian dishes lending them a unique taste. Most vegetables on the likes of okra, eggplant, ivy gourd and bitter gourd taste remarkably good when seasoned with Pappula podi.


Pineapple Rasam

When I eat rice for lunch, rasam is a must and the meal is never complete without it. And more so during the monsoon as this piping hot comfort soup soothes the soul. There are numerous versions of this simple soup and one of my favorite is an exotic South Indian delicacy, Pineapple Rasam.


Flax Seeds Curry Leaf Karam Podi

One of nature’s best health food which is a valuable source of omega 3 and dietary fiber is flax seed. Known for its nutritional benefits which include lowering of cholesterol, protection against cancer and regulating of blood pressure, there is a growing popularity of flax seeds among the health conscious. I try to incorporate flax seeds into my family’s diet on a regular basis and relish it in a South Indian style avatar, Podi.


How to make Sambar Powder

I have been clipping recipes from magazines and newspapers since god knows when. A friend says I’m an ‘obsessive recipe collector’. I’d say, I’m consistent in my collection of recipes. :) Are some of you like me? Enjoy collecting recipes?

Idli Karam Podi

I’m a podi freak. Home made podis come to my rescue when I race against time or on those ‘just don’t feel like cooking days’. It spares me those extra few minutes in grinding a chutney or prepare a subzi to go with dosas. Simple in preparation, nutritious since most podis are packed with proteins […]

Kandi Podi - Spiced Lentils Powder

Kandi Podi – Lentils-Spice Blend

The very thought of home ground spice mix aka podi warms my appetite not to mention the aroma that emanates my kitchen during it preparation. Podis or spiced powders/blends are an essential part of South Indian cuisine with each home having their own versions of preparing it. We in Andhra share a fondness for our […]

Andhra Style Masala Dosa

Erra Karam Masala Dosa

The ever versatile masala dosa in all its variations and myraid fillings is a meal by itself. Erra kaaram masala dosa is basically one of the incarnations of the masala dosa. A popular Andhra tiffin item, this dosa differs from the mysore masala dosa in terms of the filling. Mysore masala dosa is smeared with […]

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