Weekend Blossom

Some color for the weekend, here are some flower pictures taken from the garden this morning.

Flower pictures from our garden

  • http://bongcookbook.blogspot.com sandeepa

    Lovely flowers again

  • http://thecookingadventuresofchefpaz.blogspot.com/ Paz

    What a beautiful garden you have. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  • http://www.indosungod.blogspot.com/ indosungod

    Sailu lovely flowers especially the dahlias. Is this the best time of the year for flowering?

    ISG, Jan & Feb are the best time in the parts where I live (Vizag).

  • http://outofthegarden.wordpress.com Linda

    Such gorgeous flowers, Sailu! I don’t have a green thumb a’tall… really enjoy seeing these colorful beauties! Thanks for sharing them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://vcuisine.blogspot.com/ viji

    Nice flowers Sailu. It is always interesting to watch the beautiful flowers. Viji

  • http://spicyandhra.blogspot.com Padmaja

    woh sailu!! u have a beautiful garden and nice variety of flowers.
    sailu which camera do u use? u’r photos are always amazing!!!

    Padma, I use a digital cam – Sony Cybershot (W7)

  • Spandana

    Hi sailu… lovely flowers.. looks like u have a wonderul garden!!

  • http://supriyakrishna.blogspot.com/ sia

    lovely photos sailu. i love those dahlias and gerberas. my best friend is from vizag and always thought weather wise its pretty hot there. so i was amazed to see gerberas growing so beautifully in ur garden.

  • http://krishnaarjuna.blogspot.com Arjuna

    Gorgeous pictures Sailaja. Looks like your plants are thriving well inspite of the hot weather.

  • vani

    such a nice wonderful flowers sailu.i love the collection of u r garden!!!

  • http://kitchenmishmash.blogspot.com Mishmash!

    Sailaja, I love to have a garden but in our match-box apartments ,I need to satisfy myself with indoor plants. Its soooo lovely to see ur flowers. U re lucky, girl! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • http://www.recipejunction.blogspot.com seema

    Fabulous flowers gal. Loved the yellow hibiscus and the zerberas very much. Looks like you have very good hand in gardening along with cooking. Thanx for sharing the pictures

  • http://samayal-ulagam.blogspot.com usha

    Hi Sailu,

    Gorgeous!!!!! colourful treat….its always interesting to watch flowers…Thanks for sharing. I think Jasmine is missing…..becoz it is common in most of the houses.

  • saritha

    Hi Sailu,

    U always prove that life is worth living to enjoy these wonders of nature.Ur garden is simply superb,so is ur hardwork and patience behind every beautiful flower in ur garden.

    Hats off to you.

  • Sadhika

    Hi Shailu,

    Its early morning here in Dubai and the sight of your fresh flowers just made my day!

    I can say I too have a garden of my own on your website. Hope you do not mind calling it mine?

    Sure, its all yours.:)

  • appu

    ammo paamu….asalu ela theeyagaligaaru aa picture chusthuntene naaku chaala bayam vesindi….really you are “something”.
    you have lots of great qualities that a lady must have.
    mi website chusinappudalla naaku edo inspiration vasthundi and chala happy gaa vuntundi…i am not able to stop and not able to write also…..hmmmm…..great.
    this is my first comment ever in websites like this.

  • Kavitha

    hai sailu, your website is very much interesting. I think this is gods gift for you. I did paneer masala as you said (very superb..same as hotel taste). my family praised u a lot. thanks…..
    flowers are very beautiful

  • From NJ,USA

    I made Kachha Khema Curry and thx a lot for sharing that recipe. Years ago I may have eaten that at an Andhra restaurant in Bangalore ( Nagarjuna) and always wondered how they made it.

    We all 4 just loved it!!

    Being originally from Coastal Karnataka …don’t know how to make most of Aandhra recipies but you site helped me a lot.

    Thanks a lot for wonderful recipe(s) and website.

    Our best wishes to you and your family.

  • shruti

    i really appreciate your interest and patience, u rule in cooking, gardening, as a mother, as a nature lover……so on, the list is end less, sailaja garu.
    i would like to draw inspiration from you,
    well, keep the spirit going on.