Tomato Peanut Pachadi

I love to prepare this easy, breezy pachadi simply because I relish the peanut-ty flavor. The color is very appealing in its brightness with a marvelous mix of sweet, tart and spice flavors. Goes very well with dosas and idlis. I served the chutney with sponge dosa. Tomato Peanut Chutney with Poha aka Sponge dosa […]

Kandi Pachadi – Tur Dal Chutney

Kandi Pachadi ~ Tur dal Chutney Typically eaten with rice during meal times and an absolute Andhra delight, is Kandi Pachadi. Rich in protein, its preparation involves dry red chillis, cumin, split urad dal, sauteed and ground with tamarind and finally tempered with the magic touch of aromatic curry leaves. Its all in the texture, […]

Pachi Kothimira Pachadi – Raw Coriander Chutney

Pachi Kothimira Pachadi with Pesarattu Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m a huge fan of fresh coriander leaves. Pachi kothimira pachadi is a very simple recipe that is easy to make, healthy and flavorful. This authentic pachadi, one of Andhra’s raw food side dishes, makes a excellent pachadi with famed Andhra Pesarattu. […]

Tomato Pickle

Issues that required my immediate attention and also the planning, preparation and celebration of a themed birthday party for Nehal, who turned 6 a few days ago, had me away from the blogging world and internet. I have a long email list to clear and a couple of queries that need to be answered which […]

Allam Pachadi – Ginger Chutney

A simple every day ingredient that adds punch to our meals is ginger. I cannot emphasize enough the amazing healing and medicinal properties of this knobbly rhizome that have been vividly described in Ayurvedic texts. Those of you who love ginger or like to include ginger in your diet, try this recipe. Though ginger plays […]

Kobbari Pachadi – Coconut Chutney

When starting out to cook on my own, one of the first recipes I learnt was, Kobbari Pachadi. I am not talking about the regular coconut chutney that goes with our South Indian breakfast fare. What I’m talking about is a coconut pachadi that is prepared only to be eaten with rice during meal times. […]

Tomato Kothimira Pachadi

There is nothing more satisfying than cooking with vegetables grown in one’s own backyard. Today I used a few not so ripe orange tinge tomatoes from our vegetable garden to make a perfectly simple pachadi. To make this deliciously tangy pachadi all you need are simple everyday ingredients like fresh firm tomatoes, coriander, green chillis, […]

Kobbari-Mamidikaya Pachadi – Coconut-Raw Mango Chutney

The podi (spice powder), pachadi (type of chutney) and the pickle form an integral part of Andhra cuisine and no Andhra vegetarian meal is complete without them. Other than the famous traditional Andhra Avakai (Mango Pickle), Andhra cuisine also boasts of an assortment of pachadis, one of them being Pachi Mamidikaya – Kobbari Pachadi. Raw […]

Kothimira Pachadi – Cilantro Chutney

This authentic Indian chutney is so versatile and goes with most foods and tastes great on crackers, sandwiches, grilled chicken, fish, chips. No Indian meal is complete without freshly prepared chutney. Traditionally served with curry and other side dishes in a traditional Indian meal/thali to contrast the flavors.