pesarapappu bobbatlu

Pesarapappu Bobbatlu

Pesarapappu bobbatlu is a traditional Andhra sweet. Learn how to make Telugu pindi vantalu like bobbatlu, special festival sweets prepared during Sanskranti

Moong Dal Awadhi Style

Away from the monotony, I cooked Awadhi style of Moong dal to go with rotis. I used yellow moong which is lightly dry roasted before cooking till soft. I found the original recipe to be bland to my palate and to spice it up, added spices other than called for in the original recipe.

Moong dal Palak ~ Creamy Spinach Dal

I tried a different approach to prepare spinach and yellow moong dal away from the regular fare. I had a cup of coconut milk, left over, after preparing Poha Payasam which I decided to put to use. And it worked out nicely giving the dal a creamy texture and a rich flavor. A hearty bowl of dal with warm winter flavors.