carrot idli

Carrot Idli

Idli, among the South Indian veg dishes is versatile with many variations. One of the healthy breakfast recipes for tiffin, Carrot Idli, is a hit with kids.


Left Over Idlis with Carrot

I always have left over Idlis when I prepare Idlis for breakfast or dinner. When I am in need of a quick snack, all I do is saute the crumbled cold refrigerated idlis with a spiced base of onions and lots of fresh coriander leaves. I tend to play with the spices each time I go the crumbled idli upma way.

Idli Manchurian

Idli Manchurian What do you do with left over idlis? In my home, they take the form of Upma as a quick tiffin on a busy day, Fries as a tea time snack and Manchurian as a starter to serve friends on a rain filled day. This unusual yet unique fusion food that takes an […]