How To ~ Make Ginger Garlic Paste

I spent the weekend sifting through readers comments seeking kitchen tips and recipe requests. Quite a few requests are ‘how to’ type questions like how to make soft pulkas or how to cook rice. This got me to start a ‘How To’ series on basics of Indian cooking. I am not an expert but would […]

Nilava Allam Pachadi – Ginger Pickle

Amma prepares pickles which are out of the world and today I’m blogging one of her most-relished pickle recipes using ginger. A bright, unique flavored achar, nilava allam pachadi aka ginger pickle is a perfect combination of sweet and spice. During the pickle preparation the gingery aroma that fills the kitchen is intoxicating and makes […]

Allam Pachadi – Ginger Chutney

A simple every day ingredient that adds punch to our meals is ginger. I cannot emphasize enough the amazing healing and medicinal properties of this knobbly rhizome that have been vividly described in Ayurvedic texts. Those of you who love ginger or like to include ginger in your diet, try this recipe. Though ginger plays […]