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Mango Pickle Recipe, Avakai or Avakaya

Mango pickle recipe, avakai, is a traditional Andhra pickle made with raw mango. Every Telugu home takes pride in making avakaya. How to make mango pickle.

mango chutney

Mango Chutney

Mango chutney recipe, an easy,authentic Indian sweet mango chutney with many uses.Learn how to make mango chutney with green mango.North style aam ki launji


Teepi Kakarakaya Pachadi ~ Sweet Bitter gourd Pickle

A much cherished and relished vegetable in our home is bitter gourd. A favorite of mine is today’s bitter gourd pickle with a sweet flavor that happens to be one of Amma’s specialty dishes. What makes it palate pleasing is the addition of jaggery and tamarind combined with a tempering of curry leaves and dals that add for a bit of crunch. Sweet, sour and tangy flavors that are enticing and addictive.


Sun-dried Tomato Pickle (Garlic Flavored)

Today’s recipe differs from the earlier blogged Endu Tomato Pachadi in terms of the seasoning. Asafoetida aka hing is replaced with crushed garlic, mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves that are tempered in hot oil before combining with the tomatoes. This lends depth of flavor and strikes a balance between the acidity and fruity sweetness of sun dried tomatoes.


Endu Tomato Pachadi ~ Sun dried Tomato Pickle

Many of you dear readers have been very patiently waiting for sun dried Tomato pickle recipe. Amma prepared sun dried tomato pickle in February. With tomatoes available in abundance and very reasonably priced, we bought 5 kilos of desi vali or heirloom variety of tomatoes (Rs.3 per kg) for pickle preparation.


Andhra Chicken Pickle

For a good many years I couldn’t get myself to eat chicken pickle or any non-veg pickle for that matter. Not until one Sunday when a friend invited me home for lunch (remember those...


Tomato Pickle

Issues that required my immediate attention and also the planning, preparation and celebration of a themed birthday party for Nehal, who turned 6 a few days ago, had me away from the blogging world...


Nilava Allam Pachadi – Ginger Pickle

Amma prepares pickles which are out of the world and today I’m blogging one of her most-relished pickle recipes using ginger. A bright, unique flavored achar, nilava allam pachadi aka ginger pickle is a...

Raw mango slices sun drying

Bellam Maagaya – Sweet Grated Mango Pickle

Wheat rava upma with teepi maagai My grandmother’s and mother’s kitchen shelves are lined with an array of cylindrical ceramic jars containing different varieties of mango pickles. Of course, the famed ‘Avakaya’ stands majestic...