keerai vadai

Keerai vadai

Keerai vadai, an easy, crispy Indian snack made with urad dal, spinach & fresh coriander. How to make keerai vadai recipe or Tamil Nadu keerai medu vadai

Palak (Spinach) Soup

Last week was a rain filled week. On one such rainy day, I prepared spinach soup. I sat in the veranda relishing a bowl of vibrant green spinach soup, watching the rain and waiting for Nehal to come home from school.

Aloo Palak ~ Potato Spinach Curry

Cooking with fresh produce from the farmer’s market and feeding family with nature’s vegetarian goodness gives such joy to the heart. Simple everyday Indian khana, be it age old classics or contemporary/fusion – our delicate dals, spiced sabjis and vibrant curries bring color to the thali, flavor to the palate and nutrition to the body.

Lasooni Dal Palak ~ Garlicky Lentils with Spinach

A priceless culinary treasure of North Indian cuisine. I specially love to prepare it during winter months, lasooni dal palak with hot rotis, a match made in heaven! Though humble-looking, its a pleasure to the palate, creamy, garlicky and finger licking good. Just a handful of common ingredients come together in a fragrant ghee tadka […]

Palakura Vepudu – Spinach Stir-fry

Those of you who love spinach, will love this vibrant visually delightful stir fry recipe. Its one of my favorite stir fry recipe. Since Nehal is not too fond of greens, the only way I get him to eat this stir fry is by using it as a sandwich filling, add grated cheese and make […]

Palakura Pappu – Spinach Dal

Palakura pappu, potato-beans stir fry, bottle gourd pachadi with rice ~ Our lunch Palakura pappu is a delicious heartening dal using spinach greens – a classic Andhra pappu kura. Its full of protein, nutritious and you will enjoy preparing it because its easy, quick and your kitchen will be filled with an aromatic fresh flavor […]

Spinach Soup

What would make a warm, hearty, filling, perfectly satisfying comforting meal when one is not feeling too well, you know, the kind that really slows us down? Spinach soup! There is something about the aroma of this nutmeg-scented simmering soup that is addictive and gives me a feeling of warmth. This iron-packed, emerald green, liquid […]