Mamidikaya (Raw Mango) Semiya Upma

How about a savory breakfast with a tangy twist? Bursting with flavor and fragrant, our morning meal was delightful. With surplus raw mangoes at home, its been an overload of tangy goodness this past week. Mamidikaya (raw mango) Vermicelli Upma is quick and simple to prepare with few ingredients.

Vermicelli (Semiya) Vegetable Biryani

When pressed for time, I tend to go the one pot meal way. Semiya Biryani is a delightful one pot light meal, fragrant with aromatic spices and loaded with vegetables. Use whole wheat vermicelli and you have some wholesome goodness on your dinner plate.

Semiya Payasam & Rava Laddu

Festivals reflect the cultural diversity of India, a land of many religions. Festivity denotes – new clothes, rangoli/muggulu, mango leaves thoranam, smell of camphor and incense sticks, family get togethers, fun, laughter and most importantly home cooks diligently prepare traditional sweets, savories and elaborate festive meals. Semiya Payasam ~ Rava Laddu Today being Dasara, it […]

Vermicelli (Semiya) Upma

Honestly, I have a blissful relationship with ‘vermicelli’ – always there to comfort me during crisis times. A blessing in my pantry and a life-saver during times when I run out of dosa or idli batter. Doesn’t need much to work on, just add vegetables for some nutrition and you have a one pot meal […]