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palak pakoda spinach fritters

Palak Pakoda ~ Spinach Fritters

Palak Pakoda is a monsoon snack that is super easy and quick to make. I found the freshest farm grown spinach at the Farmer’s Market (rythu bazaar) and decided on making a North Indian style snack Palak Pakoda.


Palak (Spinach) Soup

Last week was a rain filled week. On one such rainy day, I prepared spinach soup. I sat in the veranda relishing a bowl of vibrant green spinach soup, watching the rain and waiting for Nehal to come home from school.


Aloo Palak ~ Potato Spinach Curry

Cooking with fresh produce from the farmer’s market and feeding family with nature’s vegetarian goodness gives such joy to the heart. Simple everyday Indian khana, be it age old classics or contemporary/fusion – our delicate dals, spiced sabjis and vibrant curries bring color to the thali, flavor to the palate and nutrition to the body.


Palak Chawal ~ Spinach Rice

There are probably a dozen ways to prepare spinach rice. This particular recipe is very simple, flavorful and quick to make. Mildly spiced with warm flavors, this green colored rice makes for a lovely one pot meal.


Moong dal Palak ~ Creamy Spinach Dal

I tried a different approach to prepare spinach and yellow moong dal away from the regular fare. I had a cup of coconut milk, left over, after preparing Poha Payasam which I decided to put to use. And it worked out nicely giving the dal a creamy texture and a rich flavor. A hearty bowl of dal with warm winter flavors.


Methi Chaman Hariyali

With a variety of greens sitting in my refrigerator along with a cube of paneer, I decided on preparing Methi Chaman Hariyali. Its a recipe that has been tweaked and tested a number of times before arriving at the final recipe below. Cashewnut and melon seeds paste adds depth to the spiced ground sauteed greens […]


Gobhi Parantha & Palak Methi Paneer

Sunday lunch was Gobhi Parantha and Palak Methi Paneer, a filling and comforting lunch. With abundant greens available at rythu bazaar (farmer’s market) I’m trying to make optimum use of them in my everyday cooking. This paneer dish combines the goodness of fresh methi and spinach leaves in a onion-tomato spiced base to form a […]

Palak Kofta Curry

Palak Kofta – Vegetable Balls Served In Creamy Spinach Sauce

A major influence on Indian cuisine is the Muslim method of cooking, the Mughlai style, which is distinct in the fact that a lot of stress is laid on cooking the food over slow fire and the use of rich spices and nuts like saffron, almonds, cashewnuts, poppy seeds,e lachi, dalchini and jaiphal to name […]

Potato in Spinach Gravy – Bangaladumpa Palakura

Nutritious leafy greens and blanched and blended before cooking with boiled potatoes, yielding a creamy curry that goes well with rice and rotis.