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vankaya kobbari karam

Vankaya Kobbari Karam ~ Stuffed Brinjal Recipe

A classic Andhra style stuffed brinjal recipe, Vankaya Kobbari Karam. Tender purple brinjals, fresh coconut, fresh coriander and spices go into its making.


Vankaya Nuvvula Masala ~ Brinjals in Sesame Sauce

Andhra cuisine has a vast array of brinjal recipes. Today’s brinjal curry is a classic Andhra vegetarian recipe that is prepared on special occasions and can be considered for a party vegetarian menu. Quite a few Andhra vantalu (dishes) call for the use of sesame seeds.


Vankaya Vepudu ~ Aubergine Stir fry (4)

Quick and simple eggplant stir fry with few ingredients. The addition of ginger-green chilli paste and the presence of spices especially hing (asafoetida) work a subtle magic on the sauteed brinjals, deepening the flavor, making it taste divine.


Bagara Baingan ~ Stuffed Eggplant Curry

Bagara Baingan ~ Stuffed Eggplant Curry Bagara Baingan ~ Exotic eggplant at its best! One of my very favorite brinjal curry, the kind I’d serve not only my loved ones but also my close...


Gutti Vankaya ~ Stuffed Eggplant Roast

Its July and its raining. Overcast skies and drizzles have made their appearance in Vizag. Monsoon that has been long overdue has finally arrived and hopefully we will have good rains this year. On...


Vankaya Bangaladumpa Vepudu – Brinjal Potato Stir fry

Today we have an unassuming, simple stir fry prepared with very familiar everyday vegetables, Potato and Brinjals. In this vepudu recipe, the potatoes are cooked until fork-tender while the cubed brinjals tend to lose...


Vankaya Vepudu ~ Brinjal Stir fry (3)

Vankaya Vepudu – Eggplant Stir fry A family favorite especially during festive meals. Eggplants aka Vankaya hold a special place in a typical Andhra meals especially on festive days or wedding feasts. For Ugadi...


Vaangi Bhath – Brinjal Rice

Vangi Bhath Brinjal is a prized possession in my kitchen. I know a few of you will wince on reading that. I love brinjal cooked in any form! This vibrant purple beauty has always...

Vankaya Pachadi – Egg Plant Chutney

Vankaya Pachadi – Egg Plant Chutney

Vankaya Pachadi recipe is similar to the Punjabi dish Baigan ka Burtha. In Andhra, we dont use any of the spice powders which are used in preparing burtha. To prepare the pachadi, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and black gram are used for tempering and the egg plant is grilled or placed directly over the gas burner so that the insides of the egg plant is cooked.

Gutti Vankaya Kura ~ Stuffed Egg Plant/Brinjal Curry

Gutti Vankaya Kura ~ Stuffed Egg Plant/Brinjal Curry

Gutti Vankaayi Kura or Stuffed Eggplant/Brinjal curry is Andhra traditional special curry. A simple Indian food recipe that can be made with tender purple brinjals or small round green eggplants.