Apron Giveaway Winners

Its time to announce the winners of the Apron Giveaway. A whopping 1100 readers participated in the giveaway. I wish I could give each of the 1100 readers, a Kalamkari Apron. I really wish I could.


Blog Birthday & Giveaway

Sailu’s Kitchen is 6 years old and I am celebrating my blog anniversary with a giveaway. I am giving away 4 Handmade Kalamkari aprons designed by me to 4 lucky winners. This giveaway is open to all readers till 15th November, 2011 (midnight India time). Good Luck and have fun!

Beyond Curries

Beyond Curries is a new food blog run by a group of Indian food bloggers. Basically this blog will be working towards demystifying Indian cooking and bring to readers the ABC of basic Indian home cooking. Especially for first timers in the kitchen or those wanting to try their hand at Indian cooking, Beyond Curries […]

A Blessed 2009!

“The new year is set before us like an unwritten volume all its pages blank. Let us write upon each day’s page things that at the end of the year we will look upon with rejoicing rather than regret.”

Third Blog Anniversary

Three years of food blogging! An what a journey its been, virtually connecting with fellow bloggers and readers, diligently responding to reader queries, spending significant amount of man hours updating posts and visiting blogs. Its overwhelming to receive warm emails from readers that touch my heart and make my day. Honestly, its been exhausting at […]

Bloggers Unite – Support Bri

We, bloggers, have come together to support a noble cause. Fellow food blogger, Brianna Brownlow, who blogs at Figs With Bri, is battling against breast cancer and to meet the treatment costs not covered by her health insurance, we are raising funds. We need to raise $12,000 by 15th July, 2008 and Bri needs all […]

Blogger Appreciation Day

From my garden Earlier today, I learnt that Darren Rowse has unofficially declared April 14th as Blogger Appreciation Day [UNOFFICIAL]. In case you don’t know who Darren Rowse is – he is an Australian blogger who blogs on blogging tips and how to make money through blogging. In Darren’s words, I’ve been chatting with a […]

Taste Of India

When Food Blog Desam had to close due to unforeseen circumstances, it saddened me. I have personally benefited from it immensely and had got used to this support system like so many others. When Indira suggested at Dining Hall that anyone interested could start a similar service, I took the responsibility to work out an […]

Happy Pongal & Suvastra

Wishing all my readers, visitors and friends a very happy Pongal! This new year saw a passion of mine take shape in the form of a new blog that will chronicle some of my creative interests. I am happy to announce the launch of Suvastra, a photo journal of Indian weaves and embroidery, eco-friendly and […]

Weekend Bird Watching – Rama Chilaka

I was fortunate to capture an image of this green feathered beauty perched on our backyard mango tree which is home to a variety of birds. I didn’t pursue the parrot lest I disturb its peace and hence this blurry image taken from my bedroom window. Parrot [chiluka (Telugu)/totaa (Hindi)]

United We Stand Against Yahoo! Plagiarism

I hate to give the unpleasant subject of plagiarism space in my blog. I’ve been a victim of it. Its not new to me, its been happening since my initial blogging days. At first, I ignored it (not knowing how to handle it) and later I decided to write to the people behind those stealing […]