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Indian Bread Recipes

chole bhature


Recipe of bhatura is easy to make. An Indian breakfast dish and a gem among vegetarian Punjabi recipes. This Indian bread is served with chole & sweet dahi.

akki roti recipe

Akki Roti – Ellu Pajji ~ Rice Roti with Sesame seeds Chutney

Akki roti with Ellu pajji is a classic breakfast dish among Kodava food recipes. Rice roti is served with roasted sesame seeds chutney and a dash of honey.


Paneer Kulcha

I prepared Kulchas stuffed with paneer, cooked over stove top and served them with Channa Masala. Made for a hearty filling meal. Tastes best hot off the stove.


Aloo Paratha

A large boiled potato was lingering about in the fridge along with some chapati dough. I decided to make Aloo Parathas for breakfast since it meant less preparation work. The stuffing I make is super simple. Whatever variations of the stuffing I prepare, coriander leaves and green chilies are a constant. And I always use desi ghee to roast them, the flavor is simply out-of-the-world.


How to make Naan (without yeast)

All of us at home relish Naan. Most times we pick up at a take-away but in recent past I have been preparing Naan at home. Its almost close to the Naan prepared the traditional way using the tandoor (clay oven).


Methi Chole – Bhatura

Chole Bhatura, popular Punjabi street food fare is one of my favorite brunch items. Our Sunday brunch was Methi Chole and deep-fried indulgence, Batura. A comforting brunch you’d want to eat on a cold winter morning to nuture your body and soul. Its the first time I prepared this winning combination of kabuli channa and […]

Pav Bhaji -Medley of Spiced Mashed Vegetables With Toasted Buns

Yet another Tuesday and its time for Sweetnick’s Antioxidant Rice Foods 5-A-Day.The earlier recipes I submitted for this event were Cauliflower Tomato Curry ,Uthappams and Bisi Bele Bath which is a rice dish with loads of vegetables.Actually I have started looking forward to this event as it really encourages me to think of recipes which […]

Ragi Roti – Millet Flour Based Flat Indian Bread

Alysha of The Savory Notebook has started a new club called ‘Virtual Recipe Club’ where she has chosen to utilize this club to swap new recipes and share our favorites every month.This month’s (January) theme is – Whole Grain Breakfast Foods that contain whole grains like whole wheat flour,wheat bran,oat bran,wheat germ,millet,whole grain cornmeal,oats,buckwheat or […]

Matar Paneer Paratha – Indian Bread Stuffed with Cottage Cheese & Green Peas

We were fortunate to have good Punjabi neighbours (in our growing years) who made some of the best paranthas and who taught us the art of preparing authentic Punjabi parathas.I grew up eating different varieties of stuffed parathas prepared with almost all vegetables and greens I can ever think of ..carrots,radish,potatoes,cauliflower, spinach,methi leaves,coriander,mint, onions, paneer, […]


Chole Masala Puri – White Chick Peas Curry with Fried Indian Bread

Chole, a Punjabi dish, is regularly cooked in my kitchen. We generally eat chole as a evening snack garnished with chopped onions and coriander leaves or eat it with puri or bhatura (Indian bread) for dinner.

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