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vegetarian everyday Kongu meal

Indian Food Trail ~ Kongu Cuisine

The Indian food trail visits Kongunadu to learn about their food traditions. Indhu writes about every day Kongu food and shares Kongu chicken curry recipe.


Daawat-E-Hyderabad ~ Guest post by Mona

Food blogger, Mona of Zaiqa fame needs no introduction. Her blog is home to authentic Hyderabadi home cooked meals and recipes that she creates with effortless ease. She has very kind to share an elaborate article on the food culture of the people of Hyderabad for The Indian Food Trail series.


A traditional Malabar meal ~ Guest post by Shaheen

Shaheen of Malabar Spices shares with us a traditional Malabar meal that includes a delicious fish curry. Want to explore the rich traditional Malabar Muslim cuisine? Head over to Shaheen’s food space and you are in for a delectable treat. Friends, please welcome Shaheen. ~Sailaja When I was first asked to write a guest post […]


Traditional Tamil Tiffins – by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine

Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine who runs the wonderful RCI – Regional Cuisines of India food event is our guest poster today. RCI is a food blog event that celebrates the rich and diverse regional cuisines of India. Visit the regional cuisine round ups which are treasure houses of recipes from different part of the country […]


Indian Food Trail – Traditional Maharashtrian Veg & Non-Veg Thalis (Guest Post by Meera)

Continuing on the food trail of Maharashtra, today we have Meera of Enjoy Indian Food share with us home-cooked traditional Maharastrian thalis. Meera’s blog is home to many authentic home-style recipes of Indian regional cuisines, be it Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Malvani, South Canara, Rajasthani, Punjabi or Goan. Whenever I visit her blog I always have this […]


Ayurvedic Food – Sprouts

Guest author Claudia Davila writes about different types of sprouts that are beneficial for individual doshas, how to make sprouts and ways in which sprouts could be used to pep up our meals. I like the tip on pureeing the sprouts along with tahini (sesame paste) to make hummus. One of my favorite way to […]


Indian Food Trail – Maharastra (Guest Post by Nupur)

One of the most fascinating aspects of food blogging is the throwing open of fellow blogger kitchens, who share the same passion as me – food and cooking simple meals. Food blogging is helping me expand my culinary knowledge and learn about the multitude of cuisines our country offers – a treasure trove of delicacies […]

Mango Tree

Why summer is sour

Remember? That place without a name Green and dark, just by the busy highway Where we zoomed past without a halt… Baby mangoes loomed there in summer slumber, You should have slowed down. I wanted to steal them, Eat them sprinkled with chilli and salt. Yes, we can buy the fruit, I know. But stolen […]

Home made ghee - an ayurvedic healing food

Ghee – An Ayurvedic Healing Food

Guest blogger, Claudia Davila shares with us the healing properties of the glorious ghee and how to make ghee with organic butter in her second article on Ayurveda and Wellness. Ghee – An Ayurvedic Healing Food by Claudia D├ívila “It is promotive of memory, intelligence, vital fire, semen, vital essence (ojas), kapha, and fat. It […]

Andhra Ugadi Pachadi

Celebrating Ugadi – Ayurveda & Wellness

Wishing all my visitors, readers and friends a Happy Ugadi and Gudi Padwa. In Andhra, we celebrate and usher in the Telugu New Year by savoring our traditional Ugadi Pachadi, a unique combination of fresh ingredients – neem flowers, raw mango pieces, new jaggery, red chilli powder, tamarind juice and salt, symbolizing ‘shadaruchulu’ or ‘six […]

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