Kodi Vepudu – Simple Chicken Fry

On Sunday, it was Bisi Bele Bath and Kodi vepudu aka Chicken fry. Makes a delectable combination with some appadams. I just realized that I havent blogged any stir fry chicken dishes. This chicken fry is the simplest ever that even a 10 year can prepare. Usually I cook the chicken in its own water […]

Andhra Chicken Pickle

For a good many years I couldn’t get myself to eat chicken pickle or any non-veg pickle for that matter. Not until one Sunday when a friend invited me home for lunch (remember those combined studies days!). She coaxed me for a very long time with pleading looks, “Taste the gravy, at least”. And taste […]

Chicken Curry

Many a time, infact very often, I cook a dish (especially chicken) with the available ingredients at home and no particular recipe in mind. Trusting my instincts, take the risk and play with the ingredients (I’m sure like me there are quite a few of you who do that with your cooking more often than […]