Teepi Kakarakaya Pachadi ~ Sweet Bitter gourd Pickle

A much cherished and relished vegetable in our home is bitter gourd. A favorite of mine is today’s bitter gourd pickle with a sweet flavor that happens to be one of Amma’s specialty dishes. What makes it palate pleasing is the addition of jaggery and tamarind combined with a tempering of curry leaves and dals that add for a bit of crunch. Sweet, sour and tangy flavors that are enticing and addictive.

Crispy Karela

Even a Karela hater will love this recipe. Today, the spotlight is on Tarla Dalal’s winning recipe. She used the simplest of ingredients to bring out a splendid mix of flavors and texture, far beyond what I had expected. The addition of roasted cashews and sesame seeds gave a crunchy, nutty touch to the spice-tinged, jaggery flavored crispy bittergourd. Made it twice already, within a span of a few weeks, its just that good.