Gutti Beerakaya ~ Stuffed Ridgegourd

I love the combination of flavors in today’s stuffed ridge gourd recipe. Nutty sesame seeds, coconut and tangy tamarind are the secret weapons that lend that perfect flavor to the Gutti beerakaya curry. Those allergic to peanuts can substitute with melon seeds or cashew nuts.

Beerakaya Nuvvu Kura – Ridge gourd Sesame Stir Fry

Beerakaya Nuvvulu Kura Beerakaya aka Turai is a favorite in our family, available all year round and makes a regular appearance in our daily meals. Beerakaya Nuvvu Kura, a simple preparation with ridge gourd and roasted sesame seeds powder, a winning combination. Ridge gourd absorbs the flavors of spices beautifully to bring out a healthy, […]