Weekend Garden ~ Henna Plant

Scientifically known as Lawsonia Inermis, the henna plant is a flowering shrub whose leaves and flowers have immense value according to Ayurveda and Sidda medicine. Today, its popular as a dye (Mehendi aka Gorintaku in Telugu) to temporarily stain nails, hands, feet and hair.

Mango Picking & Childhood Memories

This summer the unseasonal showers have reduced the mango yield of our backyard mango trees compared to last year. Last weekend we picked a few mangoes which have since ripened and devoured by way of shakes and smoothies and hope to try out some new salsa and salad recipes.:) We had another mango picking session […]

Weekend Gardening – Mango Trees In Our Backyard

Come summer, one finds a lot of mango flavor in our cooking, adding color, a tangy twist and a hint of sweetness to dals, curries, pachadis, pickles, salads, drinks, smoothies or desserts. We literally eat, drink and live, different varieties of mangoes not only from trees grown in our backyard but also from the farm […]