Kodi Guddu Beerakaaya Kura – Egg – Ridgegourd Curry

Boiled eggs are cooked in combination with vegetables like ridgegourd, drumsticks, potatoes, tomatoes and minced meat (kheema) and fresh prawns in our parts. One delectable combination is the pairing of ridge gourd with boiled eggs, a delicious Andhra style curry. Today’s milk based gravy dish, with very few ingredients, transforms a simple egg curry into […]

Beerakaya Paalu Posina Kura – Ridge Gourd Curry

Ridge gourd or Beerakaya is one of my family’s favorite vegetables and is used to prepare a number of dishes like beerakaya pappu, beerakaya menthu kura, beerkaya pachadi, vepudu and ridge gourd is also cooked in combination with prawns and eggs . Today’s recipe is very simple, quick to make and tasty, where ridge gourd […]