Teepi Kakarakaya Pachadi ~ Sweet Bitter gourd Pickle

A much cherished and relished vegetable in our home is bitter gourd. A favorite of mine is today’s bitter gourd pickle with a sweet flavor that happens to be one of Amma’s specialty dishes. What makes it palate pleasing is the addition of jaggery and tamarind combined with a tempering of curry leaves and dals that add for a bit of crunch. Sweet, sour and tangy flavors that are enticing and addictive.

Kakarakaya Vepudu ~ Bittergourd Fry (2)

High on the nutritive quotient, Karela, is a vegetable that is available all year round at our local farmer’s market and a regular at our home. Few takers for this knobbly, humble, bitter tasting vegetable. But the few who chose to go beyond the outward appearance and bitter flavor, were won for life once they savored its true taste, appreciating it health enhancing benefits.