Anapakaya Sengapappu Kura ~ Bottle gourd-Channa dal curry

Bottle gourd-Channa dal curry Last week, while leafing through a handwritten recipe file, I unearthed a notable recipe that involves Sorakaya aka bottle gourd. Time had come to re-create it and savor the forgotten taste. Channa dal and cubed bottle gourd are slowly simmered in a tamarind based masala gravy until soft on bite. Deliciously […]

Mamidikaya Pappu ~ Mango Dal

Mamidikaya pappu aka Mango dal is Andhra’s treasured classic pappu kura (dal). The recipe featured is a family favorite and its as simple as it can possibly be. Mango and tuvar dal are a magical combination. They are lovely on their own, but together, they are a match made in heaven. The tang of the […]

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal Masoor dal is not a regular lentil in my kitchen but when I do prepare it, this dal is much loved and relished by all at home. A versatile dal that each time I prepare its a variation from the one prepared earlier. The recipe featured today is a vibrant colored dal finished […]

Nimmakaya Pappu ~ Lemon Dal

A very special dal with minimal ingredients is Nimmakaya Pappu. Cooked with either tur dal or yellow moong dal, its a winner of a recipe. The lemon lends a tangy taste to the earthiness of the dal and the spice of green chillis balance out the flavors. A classic, down-to-earth comforting Andhra recipe.

Kandi Pachadi – Tur Dal Chutney

Kandi Pachadi ~ Tur dal Chutney Typically eaten with rice during meal times and an absolute Andhra delight, is Kandi Pachadi. Rich in protein, its preparation involves dry red chillis, cumin, split urad dal, sauteed and ground with tamarind and finally tempered with the magic touch of aromatic curry leaves. Its all in the texture, […]

Gobi Manchurian – Indian Chinese Appetizer

Indo-Chinese Appetizer ~ Gobhi Manchurian The market is flooded with Cauliflower and very reasonably priced. Bought two large heads for Rs.20/-, cut them into florets and used a portion to prepare Gobi Manchurian. I’ve received requests to blog Indo-Chinese recipes especially appetizers. So, I decided on this colorful and vibrant cold-weather appetizer or snack, much […]

Palakura Pappu – Spinach Dal

Palakura pappu, potato-beans stir fry, bottle gourd pachadi with rice ~ Our lunch Palakura pappu is a delicious heartening dal using spinach greens – a classic Andhra pappu kura. Its full of protein, nutritious and you will enjoy preparing it because its easy, quick and your kitchen will be filled with an aromatic fresh flavor […]

Kandi Podi – Lentils-Spice Blend

The very thought of home ground spice mix aka podi warms my appetite not to mention the aroma that emanates my kitchen during it preparation. Podis or spiced powders/blends are an essential part of South Indian cuisine with each home having their own versions of preparing it. We in Andhra share a fondness for our […]

Sorakaya Kootu – Bottle gourd lentil stew

Kootu is a popular South Indian lentil based vegetable stew that is thick in texture. Kootus usually comprise of lentils (channa dal/moong dal) and vegetables like bottle gourd, potatoes, plantains, brinjals, cabbage, carrots and beans that are cooked in a blend of fresh coconut and green chillis. There are many variations to the kootu in […]

Chukka Koora Pappu – Khatta Palak Dal

A dal with greens that is a breeze to prepare despite the long list of ingredients is Chukkakura pappu. The tangy flavor of Chukkakora offsets the earthiness of the dal with green chillis providing the spice to balance out the flavors. A classic, down to earth Andhra recipe that is nutritious, full of iron and […]

Methi Chole – Bhatura

Chole Bhatura, popular Punjabi street food fare is one of my favorite brunch items. Our Sunday brunch was Methi Chole and deep-fried indulgence, Batura. A comforting brunch you’d want to eat on a cold winter morning to nuture your body and soul. Its the first time I prepared this winning combination of kabuli channa and […]

Tex-Mex Baked Beans And Dumplings

I first prepared this Tex-Mex cuisine inspired dish from Nita Mehta’s ‘Mexican Vegetarian’ cookbook, a few weeks ago along side a meal consisting of home made corn chips with mango salsa, mexican rice and watermelon agua fresca. I made it again last week on a special request from my blog visitors. The soft swollen dumplings […]

Thotakura Pappu – Amaranth Leaves-Tur Dal

There is nothing more comforting, wholesome and nutritious than a bowl of rice and dal cooked with greens. Simple, honest food at its best is what I’d describe lentils cooked with greens. It was thotakura pappu and beetroot vepudu (stir-fry) with rice for lunch today. Thotakura (amaranth, chauli, mulakeerai) Thotakura aka amaranth leaves are available […]

Pesara Pappu Payasam – Moong Dal Payasam

With some very basic ingredients usually available at home, you can whip up some comforting simple lentil based sweet dishes that are not high in calories yet delicious. One such traditional Indian dessert is Pesara pappu payasam prepared from good quality yellow moong dal, jaggery and milk. This humble earthy sweet dish was part of […]

Pesara Punukulu – Moong Dal Fritters

Both Satish and I like to snack on some tasty nibbles with our evening tea and one tea-time snack I prepare once in a while, are green moong dal fritters – full of earthy goodness, simple with few ingredients, flavorful and ones which Nehal also relishes. It hardly takes any effort to prepare them – […]

Bellam Garelu – Jaggery Flavored Vadas

I’m not sure if many of you have heard of sweet flavored ‘vada/garelu’. Dear reader, I’m talking of bellam (jaggery) garelu where deep fried crisp vadas are sweetened with jaggery syrup, a traditional sweet in our parts. Sometimes, during festivals or special occasions, when garelu are prepared, if there is any left over urad dal […]