Dosa Avakai (Dosavakaya) – Andhra Yellow Cucumber Pickle

Dosakaya or Nakka Dosakai (Yellow cucumber), a small, round-shaped light green to bright yellow colored vegetable, with a crisp crunchy skin and a mild sweet-tarty taste, is used to prepare traditional Andhra delicacies like dosakaya pappu , dosakaya pachadi and dosa avakai. Dosa Avakai is an old Andhra culinary tradition which is made on the same lines as the famous Andhra Avakai or Mango Pickle. The only difference being dosa avakai takes lesser time in terms of preparation, less laborious and is ready to be consumed within 24 hours of preparing the pickle unlike avakai which takes 6-7 days.




The pickled cucumber pieces which are blended with a spice mixture of red chilli pwd,mustard seeds pwd and seasame oil and made to marinate overnight in the spice mixture and salt, absorb the flavors of the spices well, retaining the crunchy texture due to the skin of the cucumber and have a mild tarty, slightly spicy-pungent flavor due to the red chillis and mustard powder. Dosa Avakai is an acquired taste and is best had with hot steamed white rice and ghee or with pappu annam (cooked tur dal mixed with hot rice and ghee ).

Preparation:Wash a medium sized dosakaya and dry it completely.Cut the cucumber into two halves and de-seed the cucumber and cut it into small pieces or slightly big ..approx 1″ size…which should yield 2 cups of chopped pieces.


Spices required to prepare the pickle:

Mix chilli pwd,mustard pwd and salt.Take a wide vessel, add the above spice-mixture and the chopped dosakaya pieces.Mix the cucumber pieces well with the spice-mixture and slowly add the oil and combine with the pieces till well coated. The cucumber pieces should be well coated and wet with the spice mixture and oil but not dripping with oil, using approx 4-5 tbsps of oil. Once the cucumber pieces are well coated and wet, check the taste of the raw cucumber pickle and if salt is insufficient, add a little more salt. If you find that the salt content is more then add a few more cucumber pieces to compensate for the saltiness of the dish.

Generally the salt content in pickles is a wee bit more than normal.You can adjust according to your liking. Now put the cucumber pieces in an absolutely clean and dry wide-mouthed ceramic jar, cover with a tight lid and keep at a moisture-free dark area of your kitchen or pantry, overnight. Next day, take a dry clean laddle and mix the cucumber pickle well.

Dosa Avakai is ready to be consumed the day after preparing the pickle (approx 24 hours).The spices and oil blend with the cucumbers which absorbs the spice-pungent flavors to form a thick paste like consistency due to the water content in the cucumbers and salt.




  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  yellow cucumber



Method for making


  • Priya


    noru ooristhunaru meeru….edi na favorite pickle…miss it sooo much in the US…nenu ikkada Masters chesthunanu…monna ne ma frnd India nunchi vasthu koncham theesku vachindi ..and all of us have been pouncing on the pickle box….hehehe..
    The freshness of the pickle is what I love and it goes very well with the Andhra cuisine. Thank u sooo much for the recipe …I will try making it if possible. ( nenu actual ga inka recipe chadavaledu…pics choosina ventane aagalekha comment chesthunanu :-D)

    Your most welcome,Priya and am glad the pictures made you feel happy..:).Tapakunda dosa avakai try cheyandi. Do let me know how it turned out.

  • Priya

    Sailu, Your blog looks fantasic with the changes made. The presentation and the pictures are very nice and attractive. This pickle is new me, seeing for the first time in your blog. I am not sure whether we get this veggie here in the US. The pickle is so tempting:)

    Thank you,Priya. Guessing by some of the comments, I think Dosakaya is available at certain stores during certain times of the year. I guess you need to find out if dosakaya is available at you local Indian store.

  • Arjuna

    Never tried to make the pickle here at US though since we don’t get dosakai that often (may be once an year at the most) and even the ones that are available are usually not so good. Your presentation is sooo good that I don’t need to make it myself again 🙂

    Thank you,Arjuna..:) 

  • Luv2Cook

    Hey Sailu:

    I love this pickle so much. I TOTALLY miss this pickle here and the dosakaya too!

    LC, I can understand what it must feel with the non-availabilty of some Indian vegetables like dosakaya in US..:(

  • santhi

    What amazing pics sailu…
    I am drooling…

    Notlo neellu oorutunnayi PROMISE.:):):):)
    I will make this when we get dosakaya here…
    Will have to check indian store.

    Avakaya to patu adi khicdi aa??

    Thank you,Santhi. Dosa avakai tapakunda try cheyalsina andhra vantakam! It’s simple to prepare too. Adi kichi kaadu..pappu annam.

  • Tanuja

    wow dosakaaya avakaaya noru uristondi sailu naaku ikkada Us lo dosakaaya dorutundi but is does not have that tangy taste that indian dosakaaya has but ok to survive nenu chesanu ee avakaaya, I will post it some time on my blog.

    Me pictures ee kotta site lo channa baguntunayi 🙂

    Tanuja, mee avakai pictures chudaali ani undi. Look forward to that..:)

  • lakshmi

    choostuvuntene tinnala annipistundi Sailu, nijanga noru vuristunnaru miru.

    Lakshmi, dosa avakai alaanti manchi andhra vantakam,evariki aina noru vurutundi !!!

  • suresh

    i did not mention that header is brilliantly done: the colours, the beveled edges, the kondapalli toys. these types seem to be the newer designs. where did you buy them?

    about the recipe, am not a great fan of dosaavakai. not that i dont eat it, i always eat it!! but rates a bit lower than gongura or noolapodi. however, now that i read your blog and seen the last ‘mudda’ picture, i will have to get my hands to it.

    do you know about kaya-avakai (or endu-avakai) that some families in north andhra make?

    Suresh, the Kondapalli toys I picked up at a local  arts & crafts exhibition held by the artisans.
    Yes, I am aware of Endu Avakai, the sweet mango pickle, which is going to prepared in a week’s time. I love endu avakai..:) 

  • saroja

    Hi sailu,
    I m a regular visitor of ur site. I open your site almost everyday before lunch specially when i have to eat the mess food. These photos give a kind of visual present them so well. Dosavakaya photos are really mouth watering.

    Thank you so much for dropping by and your kind words, Saroja…:) 

  • Saffron Hut

    Looks fantastic sailu! I tried making this pickle with homegrown cucumbers (regular variety) last summer. They were ok, but I missed the sour taste of mango pickles.

    Your pickle looks very yummy!


    Nothing to beat the original dosakaya flavor,SH.

  • Lera

    Wow, sailu, That’s a neat looking site …This recipe is Awesome !looking forward to see more of your mouth watering posts to inspire me…:)

    Thank you, Lera…:) 

  • BDSN

    Ur picture makes me want to try that immediately.Very VERY mouthwatering Sailu!!!I just want to have that with karam pappu annam…man..lovely pic…i lov ur new blog too…

    Thank you,BDSN..:) 

  • vineela krishna

    Hi Sailu,
    Wow,I like like like it so much. i like the way you demonstrated and i love this with pappu as you said and especially  ” aavakai mudda” mom used to prepare this and we are fond of eating this with curd rice.And i think for us  (ap) if avakai and any pachadi is there with hot rice , its enough to have a satisfied meal .What do you say?
    nice photos.

    You can say that again, Vineela. Avakai or any pachadi with hot steamed rice and ghee is all we need to have a satisfied meal..:) 

  • Indira

    Gorgeous Sailu, your pickle presentation is – recipe and photos.
    My mouth is watering just looking at your pictures, pickles do that to me. 🙂
    Great recipe!

    Thank you, Indira. Pickles do have that kind of magical effect on all of us..:) 

  • mae

    Sailu, your photos are fantastic! The colours! So crisp.

    Thank you, Mae…. coming from a great photographer like yourself, I am flattered..:)

  • Puspha

    1st time coming across this vegetable. Beautiful presentation.

    Its not a very common vegetable found abroad, Pushpa.

  • mae

    now, who’s flattering who? lol.


  • suresh

    well endu avakai is sometimes sweet but not necessarily. i like the non-bellam one; this with curd rice is what i consider as a very satisfactory meal. chewing on endu avakai pieces put out to dry, while playing around in the sun, were our summer holidays decades ago.

    Yes, Suresh, we have both the sweet and savory version of endu avakai. I can relate to your comment on relishing the sun-dried mango pieces…:) Now my toddler follows

  • Ramya

    Sailu dear,
    Your site is very neat and beautiful.I also changed my web address.Please note the change. Doasakai recipe is very
    delicious.These are very rare in USA . When I get this, I will try. Congrats for your new home.

    Thank you,Ramya..:) .I will update my blogroll.

  • menutoday

    Hi Sailu,
    Good recipe and Fantastic pictures and explanation. Thanx a lot.

    Thank you,MT 

  • Madhu

    That’s one awesome website. Dosavakaya is one of my favorite pickels, brings a lot of memories of when I was a kid.

    I do have one question regarding the recipe tho. Do you add more oil the next day once after you mix the spice mix and cucumbers and leave it overnigt. How come the pick when you mix is very dry, but the final product is a bit liquidy?

    Thank you,Madhu.
    No, you dont need to add any oil the next day after mixing the spice mix with the cucumbers as the water content in the cucumbers oozes out by mixing with the spices and salt to form a paste like consistency which we call as “utah” / “oota”.

  • bilbo

    Hi sailu,
    Thanks for visiting my block and leaving the comment. Yep we all have our one pot meals and thank god for em. Love the pics on your blog.

    Thank you,Biblo

  • Uma Sundari Vanguri

    Meeru Chala baga chepparandi. Ma nannagaru pacchallu maha sraddhaga pedataru. Acchu aayane cheppinattu anipinchindi. Mee website kooda chala bavundi. Very well maintained. Keep it up and thanks for the nice recipe.

  • Rama

    Hello Sailu garu chala bagundhi dosakaya choostunae noru voorutundhi.mee website naku google lo dorikindhi chala bagundhi.Thanks for receipe.repae try chestanu

  • lisa


    yours is the one of the best sites I have ever come across. Your recipes seem so authentic and I can’t wait to try some of them. I wish you the very best and look forward to more recipes from you. You go gal! 🙂


  • coni

    Hi there, thank you for the recipe, as a chili lover, i have fallen in love with this Andhra Mango Pickle eversince i moved in to Chennai last June. I am going to try making my first mango pickle soon.

  • Shaey

    I think that this is a very good recipe. Think you for it. I know that i can win now that i have your recipe

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  • Nazia

    hi sailu..just saw ur dosavakai…as soon as i saw those pictures with rice…phew..Feeling like eating it..Nice recipe..thanks for ur decent and good website…

  • Murthy

    Hi friends,
    I just wanted to know if we can prepare a pickle with fresh haldi pieces in dosavakai style. Suggest me if it is a correct idea.

  • Geeta

    Hello Sailu Garu,
    Dosakaya aavakaya looks soo yummy,I was wondering if you can post dosakaya pachadi its one of my husbands favorite recipes.
    We really enjoy all your recipes…
    keep up the good work..

  • Rizwana

    Hi Sailu
    I WholeHeartedly appreciate the hardwork u have put on this website.It is very very informative.Specially the pictures take me very far from here to India where my mom used to prepare all these Recepies.

  • Gandhi Kosuru

    On 12th November,2007,I happened to go through your website and come across the secrets(for me they are almost secrets) of preparing Andhra Yellow cucumber pickle.Immediately I asked my wife to prepare the pickle to which she obliged with same amount of curiosity.I got it ready by 15th Nov.2007.I was amazed by its pungent mouth watering taste.Frankly speaking it is for the first time in my life, I tasted a NEW pickle with 100% satisfaction. It is quite a new delicious experience. Thanks a lot.May lord Bheema bless you with many more success stories.It is really a great job from you.From: Gandhi Kosuru,Kurnool-518002,AP,India

  • Gandhi Kosuru

    Do you have the technical know-how to prepare pickle with drum-sticks?

  • prabha


    i tried your dosa avakai

    it came out well, as i used to see my moms preparation of this but i was unsure of how much quantity to take for one as i was browsing i saw yours and tried yours.

    thank you for the receipe

  • azzu

    namaste sailu garu,

    First things first.. I too dont know how I missed ur blog. kani ippatiki micnhipoledu anipinchindi ippudu choosthe.. pics choosthuntene noru oori pothondi.. when time permits mee entire blog oka sari tiragesi choostha. anyways I need to go bazar and get ready made dosavakai ( bachelor ni kada). next time lemon pickle post cheyyandi.. bye

  • Siddharth

    Its a well written recipe , very nice photo presentation

  • anu


    sailugaaru enta ooristunnaro, ala aa mudda notlo pettukovali anipistundi. ammaamma kalipedi ala. paata rojulu anni gurtuteppistaaru. ade meelo speciality. santosham, baadha rendu vastayi. next week i will definately prepare it if i get fresh dosakayi.

  • ramya

    it’s so tasty[:)]

  • praveena

    Hi Sailu,

    thanks for sharing this recipe.. i am going to try this out today itself to surprise my husband who is a big andhra foodie.

    Thank you,


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  • rama

    its blessing to have sooo good instant pickle recipes.may i request u sailu why not tell us more about thekind of dry chilies u have been using coz ur pickle recipes looked so tempting colour ful.pls dont forget to tell me about how much hot or mild they r.thanks.

  • sree

    sailu sorry to say this but i was a regular visitor to ur website but the new looks puts me off.i hardly open it,even my friends have the same opinion

  • usha prasad

    Thanks alot for your recipes. I am a subscriber to your blog. I regularly try your recipes. Great work! I never got the opportunity to learn from my Amma. I have never seen my grand parents in my life. I am learning the threads of Andhra cuisine from your blog.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Phani

    M/S Sailu I’m resident of Jakarta and learned how to prepare many dishes (Andhra) from your website. Your recipes make me feel at home. Thank you very much. I learned how to prepare Idlis, dosas,pesarttu,dosa avakai,and many pickles and dishes.
    Thank You
    A. Phani Srinivas

  • Deepthi

    Hi Sailu,

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.Could u please post the recipe for cauliflower pickle.

  • krishna kiron

    Hi Sailu,

    I just got goose bumps after watching ur pictures of the rice muddha with dosa avakaya. Just reminded me the days when mom used to mix it for us. I am loving ur site. Good luck with ur endeavours.

  • Sher


    My boyfriend is from Andhra and i am a north indian. I am trying to learn south indian cooking going through blogs and i have to say that yours is the best in terms of understanding the procedures, pictures and motivating me to make these dishes. This pickle is one of his faves and i doubt i will be able to make it since we dont find this vegetable in the US. Alas….but maybe someday:) However, keep up the great work!

  • Reena


    This recipe is so simple and yet tastes awesome!!


  • Alice

    I’ll have to try with ordinary cucumbers, as the kind you’re using here is obviously not available around here (Italy). It sounds so good! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Valli

    I love this pickle too like all the others, but we do not get dosakaya (yellow cucumber) in Gibraltar (UK overseas territory – South of Spain). I thought as Kheera and dosakaya belong to the same family, I will give it a try with Kheera instead of dosakaya…and it works…it tastes exactly the same as the dosakaya pickle…So i guess who ever wants to try to have this out of india can use kheera to make this pickle…its the next best alternative…Thanks for all the recipes again Sailu…they remind me of my mum’s cooking…(she’s no more)

  • Jyothi V

    super presentation sailu garu receipe. eddi naa favourite dish thinte pranam ekkadiki pothundo 🙂 maa friend party lo chesthunna ee dish 🙂

  • minismom

    hi sailu,

    this is an excellent site, thanks, for us north indian wives..

    i made the foll mistakes,

    1) made the pickle with hands!!
    2) i think the salt is doubled too!! oh my god!!

    please tell me how to correct?


    • Sailu

      Do not worry. Salt is required for pickle preservation. You can add pieces of another lemon cucumber, maybe a cup or so. Use a clean and dry spoon to remove the pickle and store the pickle in moisture free zone. That is very important, where you store it and how you remove the pickle from the bottle. Always remove a small portion from the main pickle jar to a smaller pickle jar and use that for regular use.

      • minismom

        thanks for the reply, the pickle is delicious and my hubby loves it.



    I am too delighted with DOSA AVAKAI [cucumber] pickle recipie. New things have come to one’s understanding. Wonderful! This season definitely this is going to be one of my favourate Andra Pickles.


  • sri

    just saw ur dosa asakaya..and just prepared…nice smell..hope tomrow it would be very tasty too..thanks a lot for good pics also..

  • Rekha

    Hi Sailu,

    Please see the below link…. somebody is using your and mine and others images and stuff. They removed our signatures/watermarks from our pictures and using them. I just found it. Don’t know whether you are aware of it or not, just want to let you know.

    • Sailu

      Thanks for informing me, Rekha.

  • Sunsrinivas

    Thank you very much madam

  • Sunsrinivas

    Thank you very much madam

  • Sunsrinivas

    Thank you very much madam

  • Radha

    can you eat the skin and seeds? some discard it some leave it on when cooking dal.
    are the skins and seeds safe to eat?

    • Anonymous

      The seeds can be discarded while the skin can be eaten.

  • Sangeeta

    thanks alot my husband loves dosavakaya a lot infact he is crazy for that when my mother in law was alive she used to make it regularly but after she is gone i was helpless coz i dont know how to prepare it but thanx to your guidance now i caqn make this recipe for him and surprise him

  • Sangeeta

    thanks alot my husband loves dosavakaya a lot infact he is crazy for that when my mother in law was alive she used to make it regularly but after she is gone i was helpless coz i dont know how to prepare it but thanx to your guidance now i caqn make this recipe for him and surprise him

  • Sailajaangara

    Pictures are very tempting and of course the recipe is also yummy

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  • Soma

    I have started making your pickle today. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will let you know how it goes.

  • Yaluru

    Hello Sailu,

    I make a number of food items using your site. Yesterday, I made Dosa Avakai. I think the mustard powder can be reduced from three tablespoons to one and half table spoons. Otherwise taste is good. I followed your recipe to the T and found that the pickle has too much mustard powder flavor. Also, do the mustard seeds need to be roasted before make it into powder?

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Sun dry mustard seeds for an hour and grind. There is no need to roast mustard seeds.

  • L N Durvasula

    The most plagiarized picture!

  • puja

    I am not seeing the list of ingredients and measurements. Can someone point me to those.

  • Puja

    Sailu, Can u please let me know the measurement for each ingredient?