Chicken Masala Balls

This is one recipe I have been wanting to blog this past month. I first tasted these delicious chicken balls at a friend’s place, whose mother-in-law is a cook par excellence. My queries on its preparation made Chandralekha Aunty invite me into her kitchen to share this recipe along with another dish, an Andhra sweet delicacy which I will also blog about soon.

Chicken Masala Balls

Boneless chicken pieces, onions, fresh coriander leaves, green and dry red chillis, ginger, garlic, cashewnuts and roasted spices are ground to smooth paste and shaped into bite sized balls and deep fried (can be grilled too). The grilled balls are absolutely perfect on their own and offer a healthy alternative but nothing to beat the crisp deep fried version.

Chicken masala balls have a hot and spicy aroma that fills the room while being cooked and a flavor that makes these party appetizers almost impossible to resist. I have made this recipe twice these past few days and I can tell you, it’s a keeper, guaranteed to add flavor to a festive day like Kanuma. Serve as a snack/appetizer or as a side dish with rice and curry.

Chicken Masala Balls

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  chicken


  •   1/2 kg boneless chicken pieces, cleaned and washed
  •   1 large onion finely sliced
  •   8-10 fresh green chillis
  •   5-6 dry red chillis (adjust according to your choice)
  •   15 garlic flakes
  •   3" piece ginger chopped
  •   small bunch coriander leaves, chopped
  •   3 tbsps coriander seeds
  •   1 tbsp cumin seeds
  •   2" cinnamon stick
  •   3 green cardamoms
  •   5-6 cloves
  •   20 cashewnuts
  •   salt to taste
  •   oil for deep frying

Method for making Chicken Masala Balls

Heat a tbsp of oil in cooking vessel. Add the cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamom, red chillis and cashewnuts and stir for a minute till a nice aroma emanates the whole kitchen. Be careful not to burn the spices. Cool.
First grind the roasted ingredients along with ginger, garlic and green chillis to a coarse paste. Next add the chopped raw onions, coriander leaves, chicken and salt and grind further to form a smooth paste like shown in the picture above.
Add a tbsp of oil to the ground mixture and mix thoroughly before shaping into small lemon sized balls.
Heat oil for deep frying. Once its piping hot, reduce flame to medium and place these balls in the oil and fry them to a crisp, golden brown color.
Serve hot with tomato sauce or green chutney.


  • Sumitha

    Sailu such a mouthwatering looking dish.I am a little confused with its procedure,should the fried whole spices be ground to a coarse paste and the rest of the ingredients be ground to a smooth paste?do you have to mince the chicken too?

    You dont have to mince the chicken separately. Grind all the spices first, followed by the rest of the ingredients, Sumitha. Spices and chicken will all form a smooth paste.

  • Asha

    Delicious!!Great photo too.I am salivating here!Almost like chicken burger but spicy!:))
    Happy Sankranti!

  • Jeff

    Who wants healthy when you can have deep fried goodness?

  • Nidhi

    Wonderful recipe Sailu, I love lots of spices in anything and if that is chicken then nothing like it and that too deep fried,WOW. Picture itself look so colorful and tempting..

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Chandrika

    A Wonderful recipe, Sailu…Many thanks to you and to Chandralekha Aunty for sharing this mouth watering recipe..!

  • jayakarthik

    wonderful recipe and wonderful photo
    since i m a veggy i m going to substitute chicken with potato
    i hope it will come out well
    thanks for sharing the recipe

  • Bindu

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe.

  • mandira

    the chicken meatballs look delicious. Am definitely going to try this soon. Instead of deep frying, i’m going to try baking it. will let you know how it turns out.

  • shaheen

    Yum! I make kababs this way but I add a little oil while mixing it to bake it.Those balls looks so crisp now I feel I should try frying.

  • Spice Lover

    The chicken ‘vadas’ look awesome. I am just concerned that the chicken might not get cooked inside. How long did it take to fry them?

    You need not worry about that, SL. It takes a good 7-9 mts to cook them, only ensure that your dont cook them over high flame through out. Just towards the end, increase the heat and cook them till crisp and brown.

  • Ashwini

    I have been traveling so wasnt able to check any blogs. You have posted some realllllly good recipes Sailu ๐Ÿ˜€
    But before anything else I will try these chicken balls – do you think I can bake them? Many thanks to you and Chandralekha aunty for sharing this with us.

    Sure you can bake them, Ashwini. Just ensure that you add some oil to the chicken mixture while mixing it thoroughly and brush some oil over the balls while baking them. I haven’t tried baking them. You must tell me how they turn out the baking way..:)

  • Sumitha

    Thanks Sailu for answering my query,have to make them!They look too good !

  • Shilpa

    I am drooling over the picture already. Can’t wait to try it. I can already see this will be a hit at the Superbowl party.
    Yum yummmmm yummm yum yum
    Thanks Sailu

  • Sridevi


    Awesome website, came across your website today via browsing, when I found out from your site that you are from my very “own” Vishakapatnam, I was so thrilled. Keep up the yummy work and Makara sankranthi subhakanshalu.


  • gattina

    absolutely fantastic! I love every single ingredient in your recipe! Sailu, you’re an excellent cook!

  • Pamela

    These sound incredible!!

  • gopi

    hey sailu – cool website ๐Ÿ˜‰ way to go …

    take care – gops

  • sandeepa

    Hey sailaja,
    I liked this so much, I am going to make it for some guests this weekend.
    You know what, I tried in vain commenting from the main page but couldn’t, did I miss the comment option or do we have to comment from the individual recipe page only?

    Sandeepa, there is a comment option form for each recipe and also “email” where there is another comment option form.

  • Madhavi

    hi Sailu,

    I loved the recipe you posted here.Iam totally impressed with your style of explaining the recipes.
    I would definitely try out all the Sankranti specials you mentioned here. Thanks a lot for your wonderful recipes

  • Gangadhar

    Delicious post..
    And Sailu,
    Happy Sankranthi to you and your family.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Lera

    ooooh! excellent Treat for this weekend sailu…Thanks once gain for sharing this yummy snack:)

  • Mrs.M.Devi

    How to Make Pani Puri and Bhel Puri pls advise.

  • veena

    Hello Sailu,

    I like your chicken masala balls. I have one doubt please tell me, first i need to grind cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamom, red chillis and cashewnuts after that to keep it one side and later need to grind ginger, garlic green chilles and chicken right? Can you tell me the detail process what i need to grind one by one because i want to try this dish for my husband’s potluck lunch at office.

    Veena, you can grind all the ingredients at once. First add the whole spices and grind and then to that add the rest of the ingredients.

  • shilpa

    Hi Sailu,

    Thank u so much 4 such a delicious appetizer….u just made me remember my mom….I tried doing it and it turned out so tasty. everybody liked them so much n said thxs 2 u instead of me..hmmmmmmmmmm

  • gauri

    Hi Sailu

    Your site looks wonderful and I’m looking forward to trying the receipes you posted.

    For the chicken masala balls, can I use minced chicken instead of the boneless variety?

    Yes, Gauri, you can use minced chicken. I haven’t tried preparing it with minced chicken though.

  • maheswari

    wow..i just finished frying them and already half of it is son loved it..Thanks for sharing..will post the pic. soon..

  • Neel


    Do the onion not get fried first then? Seems like they get ground raw and get fried only once (when they are made into the final patties)
    Am I right? Please reply. And I am loving your blog!!! Keep up the good work. More authentic non-vegetarian Andhra recipes please….I am a fanatic about those ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you, Neel. No, the onions don’t get fried, they are ground raw and are deep fried at the final patti stage.

  • mahek-india

    for such a wonderful dish never ever thought about it before . i am sure it will be a delicious dish.
    Will try to make it this saturday for a party at home will let you know if i do make it.

  • Mishmash

    Quite a tempting recipe. I shd try this out for sure. Was wondering if it wd be a good idea to pressure cook the chicken first and then grind it with all the ingredients u mentioned !!!


    Shn, I wouldn’t advise pressure cooking the chicken.

  • A Yunus

    Hi Sailaja,

    I stumbled upon your website through BongMom’s. Wow….what a great recipe, blog and presentation..Apart from food, there are a lotta things to learn from you, hopefully!!

    I should keep visiting this site to update my skills in Indian cuisine…Thanks and Kudos to that Aunty too..!! This recipe goes into my To do list…should try it soon.



  • padma

    Hai sailu,
    thanks for posting chicken balls, the pic looks very tempting. i am gonna try this recipe. i have one doubt, after grinding all the ingredients do we have to just add the onion pieces to the paste or we have to grind the raw onions also. please clear my doubt sailu. again thanks a lot for posting wonderful recipes. keep on posting good recipes.

    Padma, you have to grind the onions along with the rest of the ingredients.

  • Chikoo

    Hi Sailu,

    Just tried the chicken balls today…. It was excellent… Thanks for the recipe… Looking forward to more delicious recipes from you…

  • rupa

    hi sailu,

    my hubby really loves dishes made from chicken…..just tried these chicken balls….it was awesome…..he really enjoyed…and me too :)……thanks for the wonderful recipe……it rocked:)


  • Sudha

    Dear Sailu,
    The chicken meat balls look delicious. I wanted to try but am little confused, only finely chopped onion to be added to the chicken paste or ground along with coarse and also green chillies needed to fry in the oil or just use them as it is. i would also like to thank chadralekha aunty for sharing the recipe.

    Sudha, grind all the roasted ingredients with ginger, garlic and green chillis first (like a coarse paste). Next add the rest of the ingredients like chicken, coriander leaves, raw onions and salt to form a smooth paste. Hope this helps.

  • Sudha

    Thank you sailu for your prompt reply and tried the meat balls . it took even less time for preparation and ymmmmmmm in taste. thanks for sharing the excellent reciepe with us.

  • Sravanthi

    Dear Sailu garu,

    Tried out your chicken masala balls recipie!! chala baga vachindi!! it was awesome. I took some pics, will send you.
    My husband liked them very much.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe.


  • Pavithra

    This is the 1st visit to ur site..really a good website for homemakers…shall surely try some of ur receipies.and Good Going to u too.

  • Jyothi

    I cannot stop drooling. I am diet conscious.So I would like to try to bake it but as the onions are ground raw, wonder how it would turn out. Did you receive any commments from anyone who tried baking this. Thanks and appreciate your effort.


  • sumitha

    I just had these chicken masala balls and they are so good.A very different taste from the regular cutlets and it has a very tupical Indian taste to it,with all the spices.Very easy to make too.

  • sumitha

    I forgot to mention Sailu that instead of cashwenuts(which I didnt have with me)I used badam.Thanks for the recipe Sailu!It is indeed a keeper.

  • mahek

    what a great recipe

  • Uma

    Hi Sailu
    Tried the chicken masala balls.I baked them….it was wonderful.Thanks for the lovely recipe.Great job.

  • siree

    Hi sailu,

    ur site is very useful for many members like me.Its very delicious.thank u so muchhhhh

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  • Ragini

    ultimate website…yummy recipies, presented very beautifully…
    way to go!

    • Shwetha Kathurwar Rao

      Hi shailu, small query wouldn’t the chicken balls be half cooked if we fry the raw meat. I usually pressure cook and then grind with the spices.

  • R.Punitha

    Your way of presentation and the measurements to the recipies are really superb!!!!!

  • Sylvia

    Hi !
    It seems delicious. I thinks these can be shallow fried like cutlets. Does onion also needs to be ground or just added chopped. Will it work. Please advice.

  • zeeshan

    hi sailu,
    i likethe way u presented the was very clear.i tried it.tasted good but it was not crisp.wht could b the reason.anyway thnx 4 the recipe:)

  • Sambit

    Hi Sailu ,

    Tried the chicken balls today..
    tasted amazing

  • shaikhmohammed

    hello, i m bit confused. please clarify about binding agent, means how will balls remain in shape while frying without maida,cornflour or egg? will it not loose its shape? and may i ask variation if some one wants to do? instead of chicken is it possible to make with minced beef?

    The balls will hold shape as shown in the images above. There is no need for any binding agent like egg or cornflour. You could also try with kheema or beef, though I have personally never tried with either.

  • Kevin

    These chicken balls sounds really tasty!

  • sreelatha

    hi sailu,

    I have come to your website through google search for some recipe. I loved it so much that i dont require to search for any recipe. You have posted what all i wanted and they are awesome. Nice presentation and good cooking skills. I am gonna try most of them this weekend. By the way, I am from vizag. However, I am settled in Hyderabad now.

  • nisha

    looks yum..i will def try this one out…im loving all your recipes..

  • Sravanthy

    Hi Sailu,

    I was looking for a good Andhra food site and guess what? I have found the site that meets my spec. I have tried this Chicken Masala Balls and my hubby was so moved by the taste and asked me to try more from your site.

    Thanks very much for this wonderful site, can you add more starters to your recipes? if possible let us know how to prepare Dum biryani.

  • Ruma

    Hi Sailu

    I just love your website..the pics look awesome!
    I have tried this recipe atleat 6 times so far..but for some reason the final result doesn’t turn out like the ones in ur pictures. I am not sure why..the balls initially (when frying in the oil) are full and round. As soon as I place them in a bowl, they lose their shape and look like balloons with no air in them.. I get so disappointed looking at them..Is there a reason why this is happening. Am I making a mistake somewhere?

    Ruma, heat oil till hot, reduce flame and place balls and fry them till they almost reach an almost golden shade, increase flame towards the end and once the balls are absolutely golden brown, remove from oil and place on absorbent paper.

  • shailu

    Sailu…basically i am from bangalore and my husband from vizag…for all andhra dishes i followed your method and it was same what my husband is expecting…i am very thankful to you….i just luv your way of presenting and cooking style of food…

  • sree

    Mmmmm…looking yummy…i’m looking for this recipe for a long while.I’ll try this one…..

  • Rekha

    Hello Sailu,

    Its wonderful to see this recipe. I would like to try it once at home.
    But i would like to know if we can bake this in the oven after we pan fry them with few drops of oil. or would you suggest to deep frying.????

    Yes you can pan fry in little oil and bake them.

  • sona

    very tasty and delicious as it looks.even my kidoo loves it.

  • India Food

    These are great!
    My wife love’s India food, Divas in Somerville MA is a Great place to get some good India Food!

  • Fa tasleem

    Hi sailu I found ur site by accident and I love it. The way u explain the recipe and illustrate it is great! Real good work. Thank u.

  • fa tasleem

    I made this today.. and everyone simply loved it!!

    Thanks once again!

  • Sravya Reddy

    Hi Sailu:

    Amazing website. Always a women is liked by everyone when they taste her food. Believe me….all my house hold loves your great job though we never met you. I tried most of your dishes. We feel bad for not being born in your house!!

    Your biggest fan.

  • RT

    Have these folks copied ur pic –

    Yes, they have copied few images. Thank you for informing, RT.

  • Preetha

    The picture in your post tempts me to try out the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loved browsing thru foood blog. Let me introduce myself. I am Preetha, a novice blogger from My Scrawls.

    Do visit my blog ( when u get time. Would be happy to receive your comments ๐Ÿ™‚



  • K S Ajay

    Hi Sailu,

    Lovely site. Tried the chicken masala balls today for lunch. but didnt quite turn up the way i wanted them to be. hmm..felt that the spicyness was a bit low. i used those small round red chillies instead of the longer ones (samba). But i want you to know that you have done a great work out here.. and i have already recommended the site to three of my friends.

    I also intend to go through your whole collection.. and if its ok with you i want to place requests for specific items.. hope you would enjoy the challenge.

    Thanks a Lot once again

  • Neetha

    Hi Sailu,

    I have been searching for meat balls recipes… I am sure it will come nice, will try it for sure :). Thank you very much for the recipe..

  • Aruna

    Hi Sailu – the chicken masala balls came out awesome; I had to cut down the chillis for my husband (ironically he is from andhra!!)

    Thanks a ton for posting the recipe

  • ravi

    really wonderful taste .

  • shroff

    Definitely want to try this recipe. they look incredible. At what temperature should the oil be when frying? 375F? And how long how I fry them for?
    If you already posted the answers to my questions, I apologize.

  • sirivenkat

    i tried these chicken balls and it tastes awesome. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Fatima


    I made this recipe on an impulse to try something different. It turned out great! Thank you so much Sailu!

  • Divya

    Hi Sailu,
    Thank u for all ur delicious recipe, will try this one too.
    Could you please give more detail to bake / grill the chicken ball, like temperature, time & if need to pan fry & then grill/bake or can be just done with brushing some oil?

    • Sailu

      Brush the chicken balls with oil and bake in a pre-heated oven for 25 mts at 200 C.

  • rati

    Hi Sailu Garu,

    Can i make flat round shaped balls and deep fry it? will it become hard later in the evening if i am preparing in advance for the party in the morning and just preheating before serving. Will it consume more oil?
    I have tried once it got puffed and more crispy then the round shaped ones. any disadvantage of doing so? thank you pls advise.

    • Sailu

      Round shaped balls work best. For shallow frying (on hot plate with little oil), flat shape will work. But while deep-frying, make small balls. You can prepare the balls and place in the fridge in the morning. Deep fry 2 hours before your party and just a few mts before serving, place in a oven to ‘warm’. DO NOT BAKE.

  • smita wgh

    chiken masala balls were a hit item at my party, as starters they were finished in no time,keep up with such good recipes & make us happy. thanx a ton 4 this 1.

  • N

    Hi! Will be trying this today or tomorrow. I wanted to know if the paste can be prepared in advance and kept to be shaped and fried later? Or would it become soggy? Thanks…

    • Sailu

      Yes, you can prepare the chicken base in advance, shape, cover with plastic foil and refrigerate to be fried later.

  • Newbie_cook

    Hi Sailu
    I tried making these yesterday, but was unable to grind the onion/chicken/coriander in the mixer. They just wouldnt move. I even tried in small batches no luck. So I used the food processor. While I was able to grind in the procesor, it became watery and not firm like yours is in the picture. I put it in the refrigerator last night but was wondering if you had any tips to fix it? Maybe add some rice flour or bengal gram? Pls help, dont want to throw away all the food.

    • Lydia

      Same thing happened when I tried the recipe for the first time. I simply ground a slice of bread in the dry grinder and added it to the mixture, it helped. Add as much bread crumbs as needed to thicken the batter. When you fry the batter, they will turn out golden brown because of the bread crumbs and they taste yummy!

    • siva

      Hii in such case add cornfloor to get it as hard solid substance and add egg white with help in in getting cooked fast

  • dr padmavathy

    hello sailaja garu, recently started learning cooking. your website is helping me a lot. i also came to know that ur also from vizag, felt happy.

  • Sam F

    I’m planning on making this tomorrow! Is there any sauce or dip you might suggest serving these with? I was thinking maybe a peanut sauce, but that didn’t seem very traditional. A yogurt-based sauce, maybe?

    • Sailu

      A yogurt based sauce with mint will work good.

  • p.vyjayanthimala

    yesterday i tried this recipe. In the recipe you gave 4 tbsp. coriander seeds and 2/12 tbsp cumin seeds, which are on overside. If we use qty: they will not turned out tasty. I used 2 tbsp: coriander and 2-1/2 tea spoons cumin. First I dry roast cashews till pink, then with little oil fried coriander seeds,cumin seeds,garlic,ginger, green chillies, red chillies, cardamoms,cloves,dalchini and when they are coll enough ground to a little coarse powder. Then to neatly ground chicken keema mixed the above powder, cashew powder, hara dhania a little mint, salt and mixed. I have not added onion at all, because i thought they will break up the balls while frying in oil. fingering oil, i prepared small balls and deep fried them. They tested better. Thanks for giving wonderful recipe.

  • asha

    could u please tell me the procedur of preparing green chutney

  • Lydia

    This recipe is my favorite. It turned out so well, my husband and I loved it. Thanks for posting such lovely recipes Sailu.

  • Aparnna

    Beautiful Recipe…just tried it out….came out so yummy…thanks a lot

  • Aparnna

    Beautiful Recipe…just tried it out….came out so yummy…thanks a lot

  • Aparnna

    Beautiful Recipe…just tried it out….came out so yummy…thanks a lot

  • Parksnpools

    hai its very gud east or west chicken ball is the best

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  • Angel

    Hi, Thanks for the recipe,the taste was awesome. But after frying the balls, the core was still yellowish white & outside it looked nice brown golden. I want to ask, is it like that or did i do something wrong? Help me…

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      While deep frying ensure the oil is hot, place balls in hot oil and reduce flame and cook till the chicken balls are almost cooked. Then increase flame and cook till they reach a nice golden brown shade. Cooking on medium flame ensure that the meat is cooked inside.

  • Tanz

    I have tried ur receipe twice but each time I tried the chicken balls would break- onions come out ๐Ÿ™ and the keema floats in oil… im very sad that I couldn’t make it properly. Can u pls advise.. what could be the reason for it or any alternative way to fix it.

  • Lisa

    Hello Sailu,
    Can I use the same chicken and spice mix to make sheek kabab?

  • Romilla

    I tried this recipe and it was mind blowing. And the twist was that I had leftover chicken from lunch which I used in evening snack and no one could guess with such strong spices making it fresh as ever. It’s a great recipe for snacks.

  • vijaya

    Hello Sailu, my name is Vijaya and I can’t wait to make chicken masala balls. Sailu could you please clarify a doubt that I have. How do I grind the chicken – in a food processor or a mixer? I don’t have a processor. Would a mixer be fine?

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Yes, you can use the normal mixer grinder.