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Weekend Bird Watching – Rama Chilaka

I was fortunate to capture an image of this green feathered beauty perched on our backyard mango tree which is home to a variety of birds. I didn’t pursue the parrot lest I disturb its peace and hence this blurry image taken from my bedroom window. Parrot [chiluka (Telugu)/totaa (Hindi)]

Bhindi Do Pyaaza - Okra-Onion Stir Fry

Bhindi Do Pyaaza – Okra-Onion Stir Fry

One of my favorite culinary delights is savoring a meal of bhindi do pyaza with hot rotis and a spicy pickle on a monsoon day (not that I don’t prepare it during the rest of the seasons:)). A comforting and satisfying meal during the monsoon season along with some deep-fried, crunchy fritters like pakodas or […]

Dumplings In Baked Beans Sauce

Tex-Mex Baked Beans And Dumplings

I first prepared this Tex-Mex cuisine inspired dish from Nita Mehta’s ‘Mexican Vegetarian’ cookbook, a few weeks ago along side a meal consisting of home made corn chips with mango salsa, mexican rice and watermelon agua fresca. I made it again last week on a special request from my blog visitors. The soft swollen dumplings […]

Pasta In Tomato-Yogurt Sauce

Spaghetti In Tomato-Yogurt Sauce

I love Italian cuisine and do prepare lasgnas and pizzas when the cravings for something cheesy sets in.:). Pasta is Satish’s favorite food and he loves a variety of flavored sauces to go with it. I was in a mood to dish up a interesting flavored pasta sauce, something I hadn’t prepared earlier. Having just […]

Mango salsa with corn chips

Mango Salsa

With the onset of monsoon here in Vizag, its been a while since we have eaten ripe mangoes. Mango season is almost through with very few varieties available in the market. I bought a few mangoes (banganpalli variety) and prepared mango salsa. It would take another 8-9 months before I eat a ripe mango, so […]

Tomato Perugu Pachadi - Tomato Yogurt Chutney

Tomato Perugu Pachadi – Tomato Yogurt Chutney

Yogurt based chutneys are an integral part of South Indian cuisine and in Andhra we prepare a range of these chutneys using vegetables, either raw or cooked. Prepared from different combination of vegetables and sometimes even fruits, they have good nutritional value, very simple to prepare and flavorful. A classic chutney in our parts is […]

Chicken Salad

Refreshing Salads

I happened upon some fresh lettuce at Reliance Fresh and so it was salad days this past week. These vibrant summer salads made for some crisp, light, cooling and refreshing meals and I am glad I could make most of the freshest summer fruits I had at hand. Less time spent in the kitchen and […]

Vankaya Vepudu - Brinjal Stir-Fry

Vankaya Vepudu – Brinjal Stir-Fry

Today I’m blogging yet another version of the classic brinjal stir fry, a slight variation from vankaya kothimira vepudu. In this recipe sliced brinjals have be shallow fried before combining them in a sauteed onion-spice base. Just ensure that the tender brinjals are not bitter and the resultant stir fry is satisfying on the palate […]

Watermelon Agua Fresca - Mexican Cooler

Summer Coolers ~ Mexican Drink – Watermelon Agua Fresca

Ever since I saw a gorgeous looking watermelon drink on Nabeela’s blog, I have been wanting to try it. I googled to learn more about this Mexican street food fare and learnt that Agua Fresca literally means “fresh water” and also found a recipe here. The watermelon season is through here but I was fortunate […]

Sabudana (Sago) Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

When RCI – Maharastrian cuisine food blog event was announced, I knew instantly what I would prepare – Sabudana Khichidi, Maharastra’s breakfast delicacy. Preparing this dish got me all nostalgic and took me on a wonderful trip down memory lane, when I reminised my friend’s mother’s sabudana khichidi, one of my fondest food memories – […]

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